We raise awareness of single-use plastic pollution with everything we do. From everyday social posts to huge collaborations. Because step one in the problem-solving process? Becoming aware of the problem. Here are the 2021 highlights.


Raising awareness across borders

Creating liveable cities

Dopper x Swapfiets

In one of the coolest collaborations of the year, we teamed up with Swapfiets, the world’s first bicycle-as-a-service company. A company on a mission to reduce waste (yes, please), get people to rethink their consumption (excellent) and ultimately create a better future.

Together, we motivated people to keep life sustainable in the cities we love. With a limited edition Dopper bottle, a discount scheme for a bicycle subscription and cool community activations.

Dopper swapfiets by cherie birkner056

Inspiring Berlin

An example of our awareness-raising activations? In August, we met team Swapfiets in Germany to inspire a group of influential Berliners with our shared vision for liveable cities. One in which people choose bicycles instead of cars and reusable water bottles over single-use plastic.

CEO on stage

We regularly quote the Euromonitor report that found 1 million single-use plastic bottles are sold worldwide every minute. Sound overwhelming? Not to our CEO Virginia Yanquilevich. Show her a global problem and she sees an opportunity to make a difference. With contagious enthusiasm she takes the (virtual) stage to share our mission, her knowledge and her belief that anyone can create change. In 2021, you may have spotted her at:

Knowledge sharing

In February, we invited 14 organisations including Lidl, ABN AMRO, Coolblue, Dille & Kamille and Four Leaves to join us for a digital inspiration session on fulfilling CSR objectives and working towards Sustainable Development Goal 14: Conserve and sustainably use the oceans, seas and marine resources.

Ocean expert Vincent Kneefel inspired with his hands-on approach of photographing 9 of the most endangered species in our oceans to raise awareness for the need to act, as well as the solutions already at hand. Justin Pariag, Head of Sustainable Business at de Bijenkorf, explained how the company tackles plastic pollution and, by joining the Dopper Wave, is saving 65,000 single-use plastic bottles from being used, every single year.

Presentatie Vincent 3


Raising awareness close to home

Cleaning the Amsterdam canals

World Cleanup Day

In 2021, we continued a Dopper tradition we started the year before. On World Cleanup Day, we took to the Amsterdam canals on our SUPs to go plastic fishing. Sadly, there was plenty to catch: 47 kilos of trash in under two hours.

Thanks to our cleanup team (who all managed to stay on their boards), the 47 kilos won't end up in our oceans. But other plastic waste might. Which is why we used the day to create inspiring content – ready to be shared and raise awareness about plastic pollution.

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Raising awareness online

👋 3.7 million people

On average our German neighbours drink 167.7 litres of packaged water per person, per year. To bring that number down, in 2021 we unleashed a banner ad campaign that reached 3.7 million people with one simple message: farewell, single-use plastic water bottles. Hello reusable, sustainable Dopper bottle.

“It’s great to see real results from awareness campaigns. This one led to over 19,000 new website visitors. That’s 19,000 new people who were introduced to our mission and hopefully inspired to choose reusable over single-use.”

Roos Rabenberg, Performance Media Specialist


Tapping into a creative community

Design against plastic pollution

Some Belgium stats: their chocolate is epic, they have a knack for waffle-making, and on average drink 130 litres of packaged water per person, per year. Bit of a buzz kill. To inspire people to make the switch to tap water, in Mei Plasticvrij (Plastic-free May) we partnered with Antwerp Poster Festival.

Together with sustainability experts from Robinetto, River Cleanup and Arctic Paper and four local graphic designers, we created educational podcasts and inspirational posters about the plastic pollution problem. We encouraged people to share or hang them, to inspire as many Belgians as possible to to make the switch to tap water.

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