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Creating livable cities: upgrade your city life with a limited edition Dopper and score a Swapfiets membership with discount.

Sustainable city life

By 2050, over two-thirds of the world will be city dwellers. Makes sense to us - who can resist the charms of the concrete jungle (where dreams are made of)? But our growing cities create a challenge as air pollution, noise pollution and health risks are on the rise.

The solution? Take care of ourselves by taking care of our cities.

Creating livable cities
Together with a fellow Dutch company, we decided it's time to show some love to the places we love to live in. To create environments with clean water, clean air and a sense of community.

Safe to cycle through 🚲 and with safe water coming straight from the tap. 💧

Dopper x Swapfiets

~ Born out of love for all things water and bicycles ~

Enter: the coolest collaboration of the year: Dopper x Swapfiets. We're teaming up with the world's first bicycle-as-a-service company. A company on a mission to reduce waste (yes, please), get people to rethink their consumption (excellent) and ultimately create a better future.

Together, we're making sure we keep life sustainable in the cities we love. 💗 With subscription-based bicycles, reusable water bottles born to fight plastic pollution and community activations you won't want to miss.

Limited edition

To kick-start our collaboration, we've created a limited edition Dopper bottle. Meet the Dopper x Swapfiets Livable Cities – Insulated Breaker Blue 580 ml.

As long as the name is, so cool is the 360 print that wraps around our big blue insulated bottle. A thermos that will keep your water hot for 9 hours or cold for 24 while you enjoy the city you love. And save it from single-use plastic bottles. All year round.

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Discount voucher

Ready to save your city ánd save on a nice set of wheels?

When you buy the Dopper x Swapfiets Livable Cities Insulated Breaker Blue 580 ml (€39.50), you also receive a voucher for a one-off €19.50 discount on a new Swapfiets membership.

Swapfiets X Dopper Card Bottle Visual

How it works
1. Complete the purchase process in our shop
2. Eagerly await your Dopper bottle
3. Receive your bottle
4. Use the code printed on the card inside the bottle to get your discount at Swapfiets.com

(Not so) small print
This awesome offer expires on 31 December 2021. Please also read the general terms & conditions.

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Inspiring Berlin

What better way to keep life sustainable in the cities we love, than to inspire the people who live there. In real life. At an abandoned airport…

In August, a group of Berliners agreed to spend an afternoon with us and our Swapfiets friends, to experience our shared vision for liveable cities. One in which people choose bicycles instead of cars and reusable water bottles over single-use plastic.

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Bike ride

We arranged for some excellent weather, handed everyone our limited edition Dopper x Swapfiets Insulated Breaker Blue bottle and had them hop on their Swapfiets for a ride around Berlin’s world-famous Tempelhofer Feld. With a soundtrack provided by Geordie Little, inspiring poetry by Maron Fuchs and wise words from activist Denise Ney. To blend in with our cool guests, our staff received 100% organic cotton t-shirts by the ocean lovers at Waterkoog.

Don’t want to miss out on our next community activation? Follow us on Instagram to stay up to date.

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Swapfiets x Dopper: Aftermovie

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