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Use creativity to stop plastic pollution. Download our behaviour-changing posters and help spread the word.

The power of graphic design

Whenever you think of plastic pollution, you immediately think of the plastic soup disrupting our oceans. However, 1 out of 4 Belgians still drink bottled water on a daily basis.*

To urge people to make the switch to tap water, Dopper has partnered with Antwerp Poster Festival, Antwerp Powered by Creatives and Superdruk to harness the power of graphic design, to inspire all Belgians to change their behaviour.

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From Podcast to Poster

A Bird of Paradise flower, the letters HCH and the words Culture Nature. These aren’t unrelated ramblings of a science professor. They’re actually a visual representation of the plastic pollution issue.

We interviewed four sustainability experts from Robinetto, River Cleanup and Arctic Paper - as well as sustainable graphic designer Nele Kempenaers and turned these into podcasts. The recordings were then provided as inspiration for four local graphic designers, who translated the contents to impactful poster designs.

The posters are made available for free, to encourage everyone to share them or hang them, to inspire as many people as possible to make the switch to reusable, over single-use.

Behind the designs

Some designers used a literal quote from the podcast, others opted for a figurative visualisation. Either way, these posters make an impact with a capital I:

Ward Heirwegh portrait
Bird of Paradise
Ward Heirwegh

Based on the interview with Jeroen Vereecke, Robinetto Jeroen states that water can only be seen as a true alternative to bottled water, if it is valued and priced in the same way. Only then can we make bottled water a thing of the past, to protect our oceans.

Culture Nature
Evi Peeters

Based on the interview with Wolfgang Lübbert, Arctic Paper "If we are not able to bring society forward, nothing will work. Nature and culture are connected.” Progress in a cultural context can lead to progress in sustainability. It is therefore imperative to create widespread support in society for the pollution issue.

Daan Rietbergen

Based on the interview with sustainable designer, Nele Kempenaers HCH are the molecules of petroleum, the basis of plastic. Instead of seeing plastic as a use-once, throwaway - we should learn to love the material.

Clean up
Esther Noben

Based on the interview with Arno Doggen, River Cleanup River Cleanup has one mission: cleaning up the rivers that take our rubbish out to the high seas. Every single piece of plastic you see on the street, will eventually end up in our oceans. The message is therefore clear: Clean up!

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How can you get involved?

Help us make an impact

  1. Download the posters via this link
  2. Share a poster via social using #createchange2021
  3. Or print and hang one in your window, shop, or above your bed
  4. Educate yourself: listen to our podcast series featuring key sustainability experts
  5. Make the switch: join the Dopper Wave and pledge to no longer use single-use water bottles

Tag us on social media with #createchange2021 for your chance to win an exclusive Dopper Insulated Blazing Black bottle designed by Antwerp Poster Festival.

Limited edition posters available via AFP

For the keen turtles out there: a limited run of 40 handmade, screen printed samples by will also be available for purchase via the website of Antwerp Poster Festival and for pick up at the headquarters of Antwerp Powered by Creatives. All proceeds (€50 each) will go to the foundation of Mei Plasticvrij (May Plastic-Free). 🌊

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Thank you to our partners!