Yes, we raise awareness, offer education and inspire change. But we couldn't do any of it without our very own catalyst: the best bottles on the planet, for the planet.

New in 2021

Our product development is based on a 'no excuse approach'. That's our goal to provide everyone with a reusable water bottle that perfectly fits their preference. Whether you want something small, big, steel, glass, hot or cold and no matter what your favourite colour is, there should be a reusable bottle for you.

With that in mind, in 2021 we welcomed new ocean-saving colours. Different colours that speak to different people, styles and attitudes; all with the same sustainable mission. So there's no excuse for single-use water bottles, for anyone.

Dopper Original refresh

The Dopper Original is the original trailblazer. Leading the fight against single-use plastic since 2010. 11 years after the first one came to life, research told us it was time for an upgrade. So, in the spirit of go big or go home, we revamped the entire Original collection. Expertly crafted to offer something for everyone, we introduced 9 colours to inspire people to make a change.

Dopper Insulated new colours

In a year full of ups and downs, we’d like to think the two new additions to our Dopper Insulated family were a welcome surprise. A bottle that keeps your drink 9 hours hot or 24 hours cold in bright, positive colours - launched just in time for dark winter days. Of course they’d fit right in in spring and are actually a great match for summer too. Which is perfect, since every season is ocean-saving season.

Annual Report21 Insulated Launch

Elvis & Kresse x Dopper Bottle Holder

We’re already making sure there’s a reusable bottle for everyone, everywhere, on any occasion. All you have to do is always bring it with you. Enter: the Elvis & Kresse x Dopper Bottle Holder. Made from firehoses retired from the London Fire Brigade and rescued from landfill. The material that survived a sea of flames is now here to help you fight for plastic-free oceans while out and about. Created by two B Corps, combining our mission and doubling your impact.

German Sustainability Awards 2022

Just when you thought our sustainable, reusable, double-wall vacuum sealed Dopper Insulated collection couldn’t get more impressive, it was selected as a finalist for the German Sustainability Awards 2022.

Our thermos bottle was nominated in the Design category, for product development that "starts with the question of how the result can achieve the greatest possible positive effect for sustainability, and the design and realisation are inspired by this" 🌍.

It’s a (new) wrap

Ever gifted a Dopper bottle? Then you know it's not the easiest shape for gift wrapping. While watching people try to wrap round objects is fun, that’s not why we chose to leave out a (non-round) box. It’s a simple sustainability choice: less packaging = less materials.

Instead of a box, everything you need to know can be found on a single wrapper. And in 2021, that wrapper got an upgrade to make sure our mission comes across loud and clear. Minimal packaging, maximum impact.

Annual Report21 Banderol 02

Green Product Award 2021

One of the sustainability highlights of the year? When our Dopper Glass, the first reusable glass bottle to ever be Cradle to Cradle CertifiedBronze, won a Green Product Award 2021 🌍🏆.

The Awards received 1,461 submissions from 51 countries. And our Dopper Glass blew the competition out of the water in the consumer goods category, proving what we've known all along: it's a winning combination of design, quality and functionality. Without ever compromising on sustainability.

Gift a sustainable statement

Dopper bottles make a great gift to surprise your team, colleagues or contacts with. You already knew that. But as of 2021, you're not just gifting a stunning reusable water bottle, you're gifting a sustainable statement. How? With our new Dopper Gift Box.

Made to withstand even the bumpiest postal sorting process, we created a box that functions as packaging and gift-wrap in one. Designed to spread our mission, the storytelling begins the moment you start to unwrap. The box boldly and beautifully introduces the plastic pollution problem while also holding the solution: an ocean-saving Dopper bottle. Encouraging every receiver to join the fight against single-use plastic.


Emissions reporting

Dopper’s operations emit greenhouse gases (GHG). Things like the production of raw materials, the manufacturing of our bottles, heating and electricity of our buildings, and transportation of our goods and our team all produce GHG emissions. As we strive to bring our total amount of emissions to zero - by reducing as much as we can and offsetting the rest - we record and report our GHG emissions on a yearly basis. We started our recording in 2019, making that our baseline GHG report.

In 2021, we reported our emissions for the year 2020.

2203010 Carbon Neutral

Carbon-neutral shipping

You asked, we delivered. As of mid-2021 we ship to a grand total of 23 countries in the EU. So if you spot your country in the list below, we now deliver right to your door. But it gets better. Thanks to a partnership with DHL, all orders are delivered carbon-neutrally from the warehouse to their final destination.

🌍 The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Austria, Bulgaria, Denmark, France, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Czech Republic, Estonia, Croatia, Finland, Hungary, Lithuania, Latvia, Romania, Sweden, Slovenia, Slovakia, Italy, Ireland.

Ship to Zero

On November 10, also known as Transport Day at COP26, sustainable cargo initiative GoodShipping completed the first bio-bunkering for the Ship to Zero partnership. Meaning fossil fuels were replaced by 100% sustainable biofuels made from things like used cooking oil and waste fats.

We’re stoked to be one of the 18 companies part of Ship to Zero. It’s an initiative that not only brings us closer to our net zero goals as a company, but also shows other cargo owners that climate action is possible today.

A new life for old Dopper bottles

In 2021, our first ever take-back programme became a reality. *Pause for dramatic effect.* In collaboration with Dutch retail chain WAAR, we’re taking responsibility for the old, damaged or unused Dopper bottles that are gathering dust in cupboards around the Netherlands. Because a Dopper bottle at the end of its life can be turned into valuable raw material for new products. We’re still in the exploratory phase with our recycling partner, but circular economy, here we come.


An ocean-saving order tool

In 2021, we went all out to improve the order process for our business customers. We developed a more informative landing page explaining why ordering branded Dopper bottles is a great sustainable move, and developed an online order tool that makes doing so seriously easy.

“The tool includes new printing options, more bottles and a better user experience. It will help everyone within the EU get an instant quote or order right away in just a few steps. We can now help people faster and more personalised, so they become the best Dopper ambassadors they can be.”

Bernice Goudt, Omnichannel Marketing Manager

Dutch Website of the Year Nominee

Think our website is a pretty cool bit of the internet? You’re officially right. was one of only twelve candidates nominated as Dutch Website of the Year 2021 in the category sustainability. While we didn't take home the grand prize, the nomination gives much deserved recognition to the Dopper team and the partners who helped build it.