There you have it. Proof that simple, everyday actions can have a big impact. Everything you’ve read (or skimmed – we know it’s a lot) in these pages was made possible by a global community of Dopper users. Millions of drops creating one massive Wave of change.

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Bring on 2022

We'd love to check our crystal ball and tell you what 2022 has in store, but we don’t make crystal balls. We do make plans, so we’ll share those instead. In 2022...

🌳 we'll reduce the environmental footprint of Dopper users by achieving net zero emissions across our operations.

💪 we'll continue our conversation with the EU, demanding a ban on single-use plastic water bottles on behalf of all the drops in the Dopper Wave.

🌊 we’ll keep growing that Wave by reaching new Dopper users around the world who will join the fight against single-use plastic water bottles.

Not a Wave member yet? Here's your chance 👇

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