Great work is done by great people at a Great Place to Work. It also takes flexibility, creativity, self-reflection and a willingness to learn.

Development during COVID-19

Dopper School

If ever two Dopper departments had to think on their feet, it was our Management team and People & Culture team in 2021. Once again they took on the challenge to guide us through a year in which COVID-19 kept throwing curve balls. With work-from-home measures and event cancellations, both team spirit and team development were at risk. The answer? The Dopper School.

"In six half-day online sessions throughout the year, the Dopper School brought together the whole team to learn about topics of their choosing. Led by experts from within and outside of the company, we developed skills, gained knowledge and exchanged thoughts on attention management, the ins and outs of plastic and recycling, giving and receiving feedback, how to pitch and how to fail."

Frederike Schoonheim, Project Manager People & Culture

Diversity, equity and inclusion

In spring 2021, a dedicated Dopper Culture Group came to life to address inclusivity and diversity issues in the company. The group focused on how we can make a change, where we should start and how to involve the whole organisation.

The goal? Becoming an active frontrunner when it comes to diversity, equity and inclusion. In our company, and in the world.

After facilitating a workshop for the whole company, in the last quarter of 2021 we teamed up with expert JustB who will help us with our next steps: gaining a better understanding of the topic and translating that into concrete individual, team and organisational actions.

Great Place to Work

Dopper is officially a Great Place to Work. In 2020, we came sixth on the list of Great Places to Work in the Netherlands. The assessment process is based on a questionnaire in which employees anonymously rate their employer.

Aside from landing us the 6th place, the questionnaire also provided insights into points of improvement for Dopper as a company. As a result, in 2021 we introduced a Talent and Salary House to provide our team with more insight into their development and career options within the company.

Oceans Haarlem Opening 20200917 Cindy van Rees HR DSC 1610

Great service

Much like in the oceans, there are some gems hiding beneath the surface at Dopper. The people you don’t see very often, but are always there for you: our customer service team from MEO. Based in Haarlem, the team of people with a distance from the labour market answer any questions thrown at them via phone, email or social media. Because they'd never brag, we’ll do it for them: in 2021 they processed a grand total of 12,216 requests for help. Talk about making an impact.


Most inspiring companies

In November, we learned that Dutch people selected Dopper as number 19 on the list of 40 most inspiring companies of 2021 by Synergie. Since inspiring behavioural change is what we're all about, we were pretty stoked. Extra cool: in 2020 we took spot number 33. We’re moving up in the world.

Company structure

When not working from home, you can find the Dopper team at our sustainable Haarlem-based workplace Oceans. Which isn't just a fantastic office, but also Dopper's sister company. Here's how things are set up.

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• Mallen B.V. (Subsidiary)
• Dopper B.V. (Subsidiary)  
• Oceans RE B.V. (Subsidiary)

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