The more you learn about a problem, the better you can tackle it. That's why we share our knowledge and provide platforms for others - from school kids to CEOs - to do the same.

Empowering youth through education

Changemaker Challenge Junior

In 2020, we were once again impressed and inspired by the kids that designed their solution to plastic pollution in the Dopper Changemaker Challenge Junior. Over 31,000 children from 5 countries (the Netherlands, Nepal, Germany, Belgium and the United Kingdom) sent in their ideas.

Designing a prototype
After an impressive virtual presentation, Elliana from the UK was selected as global winner with her concept for a Solar Powered Balloon that collects microplastics. In 2021, we helped her take the next step by designing a prototype.

In the finale

In 2021, the Dopper Changemaker Challenge Junior was nominated for not 1, but 2 seriously impressive awards:

🎨 Finalist for the Dutch Creativity Awards '21 in the category Society.

👩‍🎓 Finalist for the International GESS Education Awards in the category Best CSR Programme for Education.

In-store activation

Clean Sea Captain

Can you become the next Clean Sea Captain? That’s the challenge we posed kids visiting Belgian games- and toy store Dreamland in August 2021. Together with the store, we created an educational challenge encouraging kids to reduce their plastic waste.

In total, 125 aspiring Clean Sea Captains handed in their challenge sheet for the Dreamland team to select one winner from. Aside from a very cool title, they won a plastic fishing trip in Brussels for them and their family.

Annual Report21 Education Captain Clean Sea

Online talk series

Dopper Deep Dives

In 2021, Dopper Deep Dives returned with a focus on Radical solutions for a thriving world. In this third edition of our digital talk series with a twist, we asked the question: how to face our global crises by thinking outside the box.

To help us find some answers, we invited three creative thinkers from Tomorrow Bank, Waterbear and Youth for Climate to share their views on getting things done differently.

Annual Report21 Dopper Deep Dives Speakers Hero2

Educational conversations

B Together Talks

Auping, innocent drinks, Tony’s Chocolonely, Mud Jeans and Dopper walk into a room. Sounds like the start of a great joke, but it’s just a way to introduce the fact that in March 2021 we hosted four fellow B Corporations to talk about People as a Force for Good. We broadcast the conversation as a livestream on YouTube, allowing viewers to be part of the conversation. And allowing you to rewatch it now.