One person can't change the tide in the fight against single-use plastic water bottles. But one person can make a change. And inspire others to do the same. And together, we form a Wave of change so big it cán change the tide.

The drops in the Wave so far


Thanks to the 0 individuals and 0 organisations with their visitors and employees, who have already joined

Our biggest campaign yet

Demanding change from the EU

When we heard the EU would be implementing new measures in 2021 to reduce single-use plastic pollution, we got excited. But then we found out that all global government and industry commitments combined (including the EU measures) only reduce the amount of single-use plastic waste entering our oceans by 7%.

Because 7% is not enough, we took action.

210527 EU Ban Key Visual

Impact partners and 500,000 drops

Together with partners not afraid to make a statement, we kicked off the campaign online with attention-grabbing visuals. Each of them illustrating exactly how absurd it is to stop at 7%.

In the following months, we inspired individuals and organisations alike to help us grow the Dopper Wave to 500,000 drops. And on November 9, we took our campaign to Brussels. We represented the half a million drops in our Wave by hand-delivering a letter with one demand: an EU ban on single-use plastic water bottles.

Wavemakers of the year

Cheers to the organisations and individuals who signed the Dopper Wave pledge in 2021. Promising to ban single-use plastic water bottles from their offices, stores, events or lives. Here's to you Siem de Jong, Merijn Tinga, Saxion,, Cimo Fränkel, A Natural Connection, Ace & Tate, Funda Vanroy, Bever, RAUM-BLICK, Mymuesli, Concordia Textiles, AISEC, The Skateroom and many more.

On the shortlist: Marketing For Future Award 2021

The Dopper Wave was one of the twenty initiatives shortlisted for the Marketing For Future Award 2021, a German award aimed at highlighting creative solutions that make the world a better place. Did we win? No. Was it an honour to be included on the same shortlist as Ben&Jerry's, IKEA and Greenpeace? Absolutely.


There’s no such thing as Dopper stores. Instead, we work with a select group of like-minded retailers who don’t just put our bottles on display, but our mission with it. We’re fairly picky when it comes to our partners, so when we do find a match, sparks go flying.

Below are the results of some of our partners who went the extra nautical mile to help spread our ocean-saving message in 2021. Featuring real-life Dopper Walls at Bever and de Bijenkorf, and creative window displays and attention-grabbing in-store presentations by Paagman and Sissy Boy.

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Changing access to water

Access to water is a human right. Yet an estimated 1 in 10 people around the world can’t just turn on the tap. In Nepal, 3.5 million people don’t have access to basic water services. And for those that do, the water quality often leaves a lot to be desired.

That’s why every Dopper bottle sold contributes to the work of our two main partners in Nepal: Dutch NGO Simavi and Kathmandu-based social enterprise SmartPaani. Together, we offer education, raise awareness and kick-start (drinking) water projects in different areas of the country.

Safe drinking water
In 2021, ongoing projects helped 7,416 Nepalis gain access to safe water. Covid-19 lockdowns and severe floods halted additional work and made water supply construction impossible. Instead, the local team provided emergency aid, trained more staff and started a radio campaign to take stock of people's most urgent water and hygiene related needs during Covid-19.

Over 7,516 people replied via free text message and the team was able to put measures in place to help improve the hygiene situation and slow down the spread of the virus.

Learn more about how we're realising our vision of crystal clear water. In every ocean, from every tap.

Annual Report21 change Nepal1

New water filter

One of the projects we’ve been working on with SmartPaani, is developing an affordable water filter which could provide Nepalis with safe drinking water at home or school. In 2021, we hit our first milestone by finishing the prototype. It's not quite ready to be shown to the world, so until then these caps are a sneak peek.

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