Zeg deze Wereldwaterdag vaarwel tegen P.E.T.

We willen af van de PET-flesjes, de plastic plaag die het milieu zoveer schade toebrengt – terwijl kraanwater het beste water is dat er bestaat! Vandaag, op Wereldwaterdag, streven we naar een nieuwe standaard: een P.E.T. FREE lifestyle! Ga jij de uitdaging aan en zeg jij vaarwel tegen de wegwerpflesjes in je leven? Teken de P.E.T. FREE Pledge en jump in!


Het is Wereldwaterdag, onze favoriete dag van het jaar! Wij vieren vandaag ons schone drinkwater door zoveel mogelijk mensen afscheid te laten nemen van plastic waterflesjes.

Sign your personal P.E.T. FREE Pledge

  • ... pledges to be an ambassador of positive change and set an example for family, friends, neighbors, colleagues and all the other people I meet by becoming P.E.T. water bottle free. P.E.T. is the material of which single-use water bottles are made out of.

    Single-use water bottles massively impact the environment through production of large amounts of avoidable plastic. Avoidable, because there’s no need for bottled water in our country at all; the most mouth-watering water comes straight from the taps. By upgrading to a P.E.T. FREE lifestyle, I will reduce plastic pollution and contribute to a clean and healthy environment. It is just one small step for man, but a tidal wave forward for the oceans. I hope that - by signing this P.E.T. FREE pledge - I can encourage others to join and turn the tide on plastic pollution.

    Let's save the planet, shall we?

  • We will send you a copy of your pledge and keep you posted about the P.E.T. FREE movement. If you don't want to receive any emails, you can easily unsubscribe.



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