Dopper Academy

Knowledge about an issue underlies its solution. That is why the Dopper Foundations aims to facilitate research and education through the Dopper Academy.


With its Changemaker Challenge, the Dopper Academy challenges master students to conduct pioneering research into the problems surrounding safe drinking water, clean oceans, and plastic waste. The first edition was held in 2016. Talented students from a range of Dutch universities and from all kinds of academic backgrounds looked for the Changemaker inside, which resulted in a lot of valuable knowledge and know-how being added to existing research. In some cases, students even addressed completely novel issues.


In 2016, the Dopper Foundation – in collaboration with the Plastic Soup Foundation – visited primary and secondary schools to give free guest lectures on the plastic soup issues. This programme enabled us to show the students of over 80 different schools that the Plastic Soup in our oceans deserves at least as much attention as their latest shuttle run test or that unexpected test.

Of course we want to inspire kids, but what about kids inspiring each other? With this presentation kit (including information on plastic pollution, a quiz, a plastic challenge, and more) you will definitely impress your classmates.

Talking with the experts

As a B Corp with both a social and a corporate background, we spent the last few years gathering knowledge about water, waste and (social) entrepreneurship. Our experts can now make valuable contributions to think tanks, panel discussions, debates, and the like. These experts are versatile: they enjoy standing in front of a classroom in the middle of nowhere, just as much as they like to give a presentation at a large conference. Our speakers are fluent in several languages and they eager to show off these skills, so make sure to invite them to your event in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, or the US. Do you have another outer space location in mind? Please do not hesitate to contact us and we will see what we can arrange.

Talk by the founder

Besides discussing themes related to our core mission, we are also very happy to tell you all about Dopper itself. No one is more qualified to do this than the Dopper founder Merijn Everaarts. He will tell you about the long journey that began when he saw a documentary about the plastic soup. It is a journey that leads us past victories, harsh lessons, prizes, certificates, and an ever-growing community. And the journey has not come to an end yet: there are still all kinds of surprises and discoveries ahead. Drop us a line for more information. 

Places where Merijn has shone include Erasmus University of Rotterdam, Delft University of Technology, University of Nijmegen, University of Tilburg, HAN University of Applied Sciences Arnhem and Nijmegen, Chamber of Commerce, Friesland Campina, Spark Leadership, TEDxHongkong, TEDxYouthMaastricht, Green Film Making Competition, Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, University of Amsterdam, Start-up Weekend Groningen, University of Grass, Permanent Beta Day[LC9]

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