Dopper Academy

Dopper Foundation acts as a facilitator for educational projects on water and waste under the name ‘Dopper Academy’. Examples include the guest lectures Dopper offers free of charge to Dutch elementary and secondary schools, in cooperation with the Plastic Soup Foundation. Our latest project is the Changemaker Challenge.

Changemaker Challenge

The Dopper Foundation challenges Master’s students to do pioneering research in the field of clean (drinking) water or plastic waste – with the Changemaker ChallengeWe’re awarding 3 prizes of € 3,000 each to the three Master’s students with the brightest research proposals. They can use the money for the development of a prototype, to travel to the bottom of the ocean, or to make a Hollywood movie of the findings (including a starring role for Scarlett Johansson). Anything is possible – all they have to do is convince us of why they need the research money in order to make their research pioneering and ground-breaking.  And no, that means that drinking beer in a bar will not make the grade. 

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