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Search for ‘water tap’ to find the nearest one

All Dutch water taps on Google Maps

Fresh drinking water. You can’t live without it. And from now on it’s super easy to find. In the park, on the beach, on your way to the train. Just search for ‘water tap’ on Google Maps to find every public water tap in the Netherlands.

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Did you know...

1872 water taps

can be found on Google Maps in the Netherlands today?

Why map every tap?

Our oceans are in trouble. We need to raise our game to reduce plastic pollution. Therefore we asked Tabula Rasa, a consultancy agency specialised in behavioural change, for help. Their research shows that people want to refill their reusable bottle but don't know where to find a water tap. So we decided to map all water taps in the Netherlands and add them to the most-used navigation platform: Google Maps.

We work together with, a Google Premier Partner specialised in Location-Based Services, to maximise visibility on the platform. So that finding a water tap will become as easy as it gets. Every time you tap, you’re preventing the use of a single-use plastic bottle. Helping to reduce plastic waste has never been easier. So grab your bottle and start tapping!

For now, the service is only available in the Netherlands, but we’re working hard to roll it out across the whole of Europe.

Gotta map 'em all!

Have we missed a water tap? Would you like us to add a tap to the map? Please let us know!

Our partners

This service made possible thanks to these organisations. Making water more accessible to all.

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Want to do more?

Congrats on reading to the end of this page! While you are here, why not join our fight against plastic pollution? Pledge to ban single-use plastic water bottles today.