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We need your help

Hey there! I’m Stella and together with my friend Simon and my talking skunk Stinky, I’m traveling the world to find solutions to single-use plastic. Everywhere we go, we challenge children to help us solve the plastic problem. In the UK, Nepal, Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands. Plastic pollution might be everywhere, but so are children. And it is our turn to rewrite the plastic story!

This plastic story needs a happy ending

On our travels, we met a lot of animals that had become ill because they ate plastic: seagulls, dolphins, turtles ans seals. They thought plastic was food and ate it. Not very tasty and a bad idea, because plastic is toxic. And there is A LOT of it floating around in our oceans. Let’s change the way the plastic story ends and come up with a solution!

Video still2

4th Grade teacher Adam will explain!

What is this challenge about?

Join the Dopper Changemaker Challenge Junior

Your teacher can sign up your entire class here, or you can join with your own team of 2 or 3 pupils (ages 8 to 12). During this challenge, you will come up with, sketch and build a solution that will influence people’s behaviour when it comes to single-use plastics. Good to know: Stinky and I will help you every step of the way, until you’ve found that planet-saving solution!

Here’s how it works:

1. Go to the Let’s get started page.
2. Sign up.
3. Use the Changemaker toolkit to come up with a cool solution.
4. Upload your solution.

That’s all there is to it, you have now officially entered the challenge! Every solution will be immortalised on this website and shown to the entire online world.

The planning for teachers is as follows:

The Dopper Changemaker Challenge Junior Finals

Stinky and I are also selecting a couple of submissions to compete in the Dopper Changemaker Challenge Junior Finals! These will take place in London, The Netherlands, Mechelen, Berlin and Kathmandu (Nepal). Here your team will actually build your solution and present it to a jury.

When you win, we will help your prototype get to the next level and put it on display, so everyone will see that it only takes a few children to change the world!

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