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Single-use water bottles? Not for you, your team or friends. Personalise your bottle(s) and bring on a year without plastic pollution.

Our bottles

Not sure which bottle to choose? With four ocean-saving collections to choose from, there's a Dopper for everyone. On every occasion. Everywhere.

One bottle. All seasons.

Dopper Insulated

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Dopper Steel

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The Original Trailblazer

Dopper Original

Original 3

For crystal clear waters

Dopper Glass

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Create your unique Dopper in four easy steps.

1. Pick the bottle size

  • Big (holds more than 500 ml). For those who don't want to run out of water throughout the day.
  • Small (holds less than 500 ml). The perfect fit for any bag.

To customise a cup only, first select the correct cup from our selection of spare parts. Not sure which cup you need? We're here to help. Just answer these questions.

1 Choose size screenshot

2. Choose the type of bottle

Select Original, Insulated, Steel or Glass (Insulated).

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3. Customise

  • Pick your favourite colour
  • Spice things up with one of our latest patterns
  • Add some text and/or your name
  • Upload a nice picture (of your cat, your face or your dad's favourite plant)
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4. Add to cart

Review your order and proceed to checkout.

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For an overview of all our plastic pollution-fighting bottles, visit our shop.