The Dopper Foundation wants to encourage Changemakers and – together with them – inspire people all over the world. For us, Changemakers are the risk takers, the pioneers that see opportunities where others only see problems. These innovators take the lead in changing the world. On their own and in teams, Changemakers have a global impact.

P.E.T. Free

Together with progressive employers, we are looking to implement a new standard: the standard of a P.E.T. Free workspace, and hopefully – once! – a P.E.T Free World. What exactly does P.E.T Free mean? We are glad you asked: we certainly do not want people to think we want to rid workplaces of all pets. On the contrary, we love everything with hair and with a heartbeat (and yes, even our bald co-workers). What we do not love are polyethylene terephthalate (PET) bottles, those little plastic horrors that are causing an enormous environmental catastrophe, while the best water is easily available from the tap. That is why we are encouraging employers to ban all plastic water bottles from their workplaces and companies, and to just drink tap water. The PET Free Pledge has been signed by big organisations, including Spotify, Bever and Studio Brussel. Do you want to join these changemakers? Sign up!


Are you a budding Boyan Slat or a future Einstein with a good idea or a solution to tackle the world’s water and plastic issues? Sign up for the Dopper Changemaker Challenge and kickstart your career as a changemaker! Your graduation project can win you a grant of up to 5000,-, useful network introductions, PR support and more. This year, this competition is taking place in The UK, The Netherlands, Germany and Nepal. We are ready for worldwide impact. Are you? Check out for more information. 


You can be a changemaker on your own, but it is much more fun to work together. That is why we regularly collaborate with like-minded partners when developing or executing our projects. Would you like to date the Dopper Foundation? Quit tindering and start emailing!

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