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Join the refill revolution. Together we'll make tapping the new normal.

We launched the reusable Dopper water bottle to banish single use plastic and save our waters from plastic pollution.

But it’s not enough.

So we created the Dopper Water Tap to start the refill revolution and make tapping the new normal.

Designed to change behaviour: the Dopper Water Tap includes a droplet-shaped interface that documents your impact and celebrates your achievements.

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Meet the Dopper Water Tap

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Join the refill revolution and make your impact count


Single-use plastic water bottles reduced


KG of plastic waste reduced


KG of CO2 reduced


Amount of Dopper Water Taps installed

With your own Dopper Water Tap you can start making your impact count today.

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A personalised dashboard will give you insights about the impact your organisation is making. The dashboard shows the amount of plastic waste reduced in kilograms, the number of single-use plastic bottles reduced, and the amount of CO2 reduced.

The smart tap provides inspiring impact figures, enabling you to share company impact goals and results with your audience.

Make the Dopper Water Tap your own

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Designed to look at home anywhere, the Dopper Water Tap is available in 8 fresh colours, and comes complete with your logo.

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The tap's Droplet is customisable with your brand or company logo to display your commitment to fighting plastic waste, and perfectly match your venue.

A great tap for your business

Smash Your Sustainability Goals
With built in IOT technology, every drop of water from the Dopper Water Tap counts. With a complete data dashboard, your Corporate Social Responsibility targets are made accessible, measurable and shareable.
Customize Your Tap
The tap's Droplet is customisable with your brand or company logo to display your commitment to fighting plastic waste, ánd perfectly match your venue.
Put Your Tap (and company) on the Map
Choose to let us add your Dopper Water Tap to Google maps, like we've done with all public taps. With thousands of searches every day for nearby water taps, your business will be highlighted to countless people in the area.

The Dopper Water Tap, Unpacked

Infrared Sensor

Designed with hygiene in mind, the Dopper Water Tap can be operated hands-free thanks to its infrared sensor.

Drip Tray

A specially designed drip tray ensures minimal water spoilage.

Interactive LED Display

With an energy efficient LED display, the Dopper Water Tap celebrates milestones and encourages behavioural change.

Automatic Flush

To provide water that's clean and fresh, the Dopper Water Tap automatically flushes the water every 48 hours.

Energy Efficient

In order to have a minimal environmental impact, the Dopper Water Tap is energy efficient, using only 25W.

Powder Coated Design

Made with hard-wearing powder coated design and stainless steel detailing, the Dopper Water Tap is built to limit maintenance.

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Installation is as easy as 1, 2, 3

1. Choose a free wall space

You’ll need at least 225cm x 150cm x 50cm.

2. Check your water supply

Your water supply needs to have an angle valve of ½” and a water drain thats 40mm in diameter.

3. Find a power socket

You’ll need a double built-in wall socket.

Join our Dopper Water Tap partners

Program Director Public Engagement, Naturalis
Corine van Impelen

“Naturalis contributes to preservation of nature and biodiversity. Plastic is no good for everything that lives. The movement of Dopper and to have no single-use plastic bottles in the museum or in the restaurant of Naturalis fits in perfectly.”

Sustainability coordinator, NHL Stenden Hogeschool
Victoria Snouck Hurgronje

“The movement of Dopper really helps in getting the CSR goals. It’s the way reporting that really helps us in getting basically above water, in what we’re doing. Because so many things are happening and by putting it in to writing, having the goal to report on a yearly basis it helps us really bring those great things that we are doing to light.”

Chief Sustainability Officer, Jaarbeurs
Marloes van den Berg

“At Jaarbeurs we have the ambition to be the most sustainable venue in 2030, and contributing to this movement really supports that ambition”

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If you’d like to get your own Dopper Water Tap, download the brochure and request a callback from a member of our team. The declaration of conformity of the Water Tap is available upon request.

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We’ve got a sustainable range to choose from and we ship 100% carbon neutral within the EU.