World Water Day 2016

On march the 22nd it’s World Water Day! Dopper cares about water & the more than 650 million people who lack access to it.We are a B Corp working to reduce the pollution of our oceans, supporting projects to provide access to clean water in Nepal and inspiring the world to take action against single-use plastic.

From the beginning, Dopper has been a social enterprise committed to its mission,  and this #WorldWaterDay must be a moment for we all to remember these facts:

  • 663 million people still lack access to water. That’s 1 in 10 people worldwide.
  • In average, 3 liters of water are used to develop a 1 liter disposable water bottle
  • Women and children are the most affected by the water access crisis.
  • Lack of access to clean water is not just a water issue. Unfortunately, this is a crosscutting crisis and it affects access to education and health at the time that it exacerbates inequalities.
  • The pollution of water bodies is mostly conformed by plastics. Most of the times these plastics are found as microscope particles that have altered entire aquifers in some cases stopping natural water sources to be potable.
What is Dopper doing to tackle these issues?
  • We are inspiring people to eliminate single use plastic bottles and prevent more plastic from getting into the oceans and water bodies.
  • Through our partner SIMAVI, we fund projects working to provide access to safe and drinkable water in Nepal.
  • We are starting a new collaboration with WaterAid in the USA! Part of our proceeds in America will go to support their mission and continue strengthening their capacity at the community level.
How can you be the messenger in #WorldWaterDay?
  • Get a Dopper bottle and spread the message!
  • Get #blue4water with Dopper and WaterAid! We are asking all Dopper supporters to be blue on March 22nd. You can wear something blue, ask your family and friends to do the same, paint yourself blue, or do anything that would show that you are #Blue4Water in #WorldWaterDay.

  Show your support via social media! Use the hashtag #BeTheMessenger #Dopper and #Blue4Water.

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