Water and waste in Nepal

The Dopper Foundation always looks to invest in change: in solutions for the plastic issues that go beyond those caused by water bottles. And because people need clean drinking water before they can opt for sustainable alternatives to bottled water, we invest in water and waste projects in Nepal.

About Nepal

In its rugged mountain peaks, Nepal harbours the second largest fresh water resource in the world. It is therefore pretty ironic that less than half the population have access to safe drinking water. Melt water from the glaciers flows down the mountains, but it fails to reach all the Nepalese people. On top of this, the water is contaminated by waste being dumped in it. Each year, water-related diseases claim the lives of 10,000 children under five. And what is more, no less than 2,000 Nepalese people leave the country every single day in the hope of finding work elsewhere, as Nepal is the second poorest country in Asia, after Afghanistan. Seen through this lens, Nepal may seem like a nightmare, but not for us: we see this as a country of limitless dreams. Because wherever there are problems, local Changemakers are looking to turn these into opportunities. And the Dopper Foundation wants to invest in those pioneers.

Water and sanitation

Ever since the very first water bottle was sold, Dopper has been donating funds to the Simavi water projects in Nepal. First in the southern district of Ruphendi, and later in the Gorkha and Baglung districts. By installing 473 water points and 2,674 toilets, 11,889 people have gotten better access to drinking water, and 19,992 people now have access to sanitary facilities. In January 2017 we launched a new project together with our local partner Sebac, in the gorgeous Sindhupalchowk and Dolkha districts. The aim is to provide at least 10,000 people with access to clean drinking water in the next three years.

Nepal stories

Thanks to the growing turnover, the amount that is invested in Nepal – through the Foundation – has grown as well, up to a fantastic sum of € 165,379.92 in 2015. And it is just about time that we get to know Nepal from the highest mountain to the deepest valley, always with our focus on clean drinking water and plastic waste. A motley crew of storytellers will travel to Nepal to increase our understanding of the challenges that the country faces and to show what solutions the local Changemakers have already come up with. A photographer, a film maker, a writer, and a musician will start at the beginning: at the foot of the mountain, and with the issues in Kathmandu. They will follow the river along the Himalaya ridges, in search of the spring from which all dreams stem. Along the way, they will meet the Nepalese people, men and women who give us an insight into the challenges that Nepal faces today. Find out more. 

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