Dopper votes for Urban Outfitters

Dearest Urban Outfitter,

Preceded by our e-mails, proverbial messenger pigeons and smoke signals, which turned out to be in vain, we decided that we might have to shake things up a little to draw your attention. You might remember us – that bunch of uninvited guests at the UO main hall Wednesday, November 9th. We are Dopper; a Dutch brand that wants to turn the tide on plastic pollution with a reusable water bottle that’s both sustainable and stunning. We believe that Dopper and Urban Outfitters would make up a wonderful stylish cocktail. That’s why we travelled all the way from Amsterdam to your HQ in Philly, where we threw a little party. Guerilla style. Uninvited,yes, but at least we brought our own booze and bites: water cocktails and edible flyers!

Unfortunately, but understandable, we got kicked out before we could even crush the ice (between us). But we hope that we’ve managed to catch your eye (or ear) and maybe even convinced you that we could be the gin in your tonic, the blood in your Mary, the perfect design water bottle for the UO stores.

Please gossip (read: go and sip tapwater, preferably out of a Dopper) about us with your colleagues at the coffee-machine (make sure you are reusing your cup), drop our name during Friday’s drinks or even better: get in touch with us:

Check out how our message travelled all the way from Amsterdam to your HQ in Philly:

#1: From Amsterdam…

#2…to New York

#3 A pit stop

#4 Off to Philly!

#From Philly to your HQ