Water Cocktail Book – Flashy Flamingo

The new Water Cocktail Book by Dopper and The Fabulous Shakerboys brings spring to life. Bye-bye winter blues and itchy woollies!

Last summer, Dopper and The Fabulous Shakerboys tapped into the idea of using water as the perfect basic ingredient for cocktails with the very first Water Cocktail Book. Now, Doppers filled with fruit, herbs and syrups are a common sight at barbecues, park sessions and in the office. Because we cannot wait for summer to start we have asked The Fabulous Shakerboys to create fifteen new sun-filled water treats. In between their parties in Miami and Tokyo, the boys have experimented in their cocktail lab for us. That is where the first sour quickly turned into the sweetest of sweets – or actually: all flavours (un)imaginable.


Have the exotic Lycheelicious twerk on your tongue; always keep your cool with the Ice Ice Baby or relive sweet memories of playground fun with Raspberry Bubble Gum. And because some cocktails – like some people – simply cannot do without alcohol, some have been given an alcoholic twist. Yum!

The new Water Cocktail Book will be available through our webshop from 22 March 2016!


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