Dopper Steel

It took nerves of steel, but the moment is finally upon us: the return of the Dopper Steel. And the Steel is naturally returning in style. Because our Man of Steel is now even stronger and tougher than before, while retaining its original character. Oh, a legend in its own time…

Stainless steel drinking bottle

Okay. Perhaps we should not assume you are already familiar with our steel superhero. So without further ado! The Dopper Steel is the stainless steel version of the Dopper Original. It was launched on World Water Day 2013 and since then, the Steel has become the favourite of the Dopper family. And that’s not surprising, because this fierce metal water bottle exudes style, sport and testosterone. Besides, the Man of Steel is a drinking bottle of substance; all 800 ml of it. Ideal for a serious thirst. Like the Dopper Original, the Steel consists of three separate components: a bottle and cap in 18/8 steel and the characteristic white cup. Besides, the stainless steel Dopper is BPA-free and dishwasher safe (to 65 degrees).

The water bottle for sports and the outdoors

The stainless steel Dopper is a must-have for those who love sports and the outdoors. It looks good with your muscles of steel (or conversely, detracts from the lack thereof) and fits perfectly into your sports bag or rucksack compartment and the bidon holder of your single-speed or fixie bike.

The updated Dopper Steel

So what exactly is new about the updated Dopper Steel? Well, firstly the fact that it is back in stock! That is the most important development, because apart from a few minor details, the new Man of Steel is identical to its predecessor. Why? Because it was already perfect! And, you wouldn’t expect Superman to suddenly turn into geeky Batman, would you?

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