Dopper is one of the first to become ‘Great Place to Work Certified’

Dancing in the kitchen, random pats on the back in passing, singing from the toilets and toasting with every cup of coffee or glass of water. It is always a party at Dopper, but we now have even more reason to celebrate. Dopper is a Great Place to Work! “Huh? Wasn’t that already announced a few months ago?” That’s right. But we can now also call ourselves ‘Great Place to Work Certified’, and we’re the first with this title in the Netherlands! Okay, along with three other organizations. But reason enough to listen to Queen one more time. Weeeeee are the champions, my friend!

Usually, you fill in a survey with all your colleagues somewhere in Q2 and send in a document about your company culture. Big bow on it, and then… you wait. Because it isn’t until March the following year that you find out how you scored and if you are on the list ‘Great Place to Work’. This year, the people at Great Place to Work decided that good employment practices do not have to wait a year for recognition. Dopper is one of the four Dutch organizations that is ‘Great Place to Work Certified’! We are super proud and some of us couldn’t help but turn on the waterworks when the results were announced.

Let’s talk numbers

We were so happy when we heard we were in the Great Place to Work 2017 (Small) list in March. And now, a few months later, Stein from Great Place to Work gave us an even greater compliment. And a bottle of bubbly. Below our report card. It feels like the teacher added a smiley face sticker and a big thumbs up!

  • Dopper’s overall score was 91% (last year 80%, according to Stein it was unheard of that an organization beat their score by 11% within a year!);
  • We got multiple scores of 100% within three categories: camaraderie, pride and honesty;
  • We scored higher than we did in 2017, in all categories;
  • In one category, the score even increased by 69%;
  • In all categories, we scored higher than the average of all participating organizations.

And… Action!

There’s always room to improve. A high-tech massage office chair, puppy cuddling days, a Tony’s Chocolonely fountain … Based on the feedback from the research, our HR team is already working on an action plan. Hopefully they read this post and draw some inspiration from it * cough * chocolate fountain * cough *!

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