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Like life itself, a Dopper is a genuine gift. So you better wrap it. No, we don’t mean bows or balloons or even the wrinkled remains of last Christmas’s wrapping paper complete with smears of turkey fat on the corner. No, we mean this sustainable gift box. Sustainable, because having started life as a gift box, our packaging after unwrapping can be up-cycled to become a retro flower vase. Two gifts for the price of one. Flowers not your forte? This festive packaging can also be used for keeping cookies, pens, loose change, your precious corn flake collection and all these other niggly little thingies that get lost down the back of the sofa if you don’t collect them in a safe place.

Suitable for: One Dopper Original

– Cardboard

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There’s no need to explain how much fun it is to present someone with a gift. Mum, bro, bff, boss, Petula in accounts, or gramps happy? You’re happy! It’s never that straightforward finding a suitable present for someone. Despite protestations to the contrary, people actually do care about what they’re given. So finding that one perfect present for the birthday boy, under the weather neighbor, happy expecting couple or an upbeat ‘I failed my driving test too’ present, one that really hits the spot, is never easy. A Dopper is always the right gift, for every occasion, as everyone needs to drink water. You can also choose the color to fit the receiver or the event.

And best of all: you’re also investing in the receiver’s karma points. By drinking from a Dopper, the recipient will potentially save hundreds of plastic bottles; much better for the environment, and for their wallet. And, of course, as the generous giver you will also garner vast quantities of karma kudos, because your purchase directly supports our aim of creating a world where more tap water is drunk and less plastic waste is produced.

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