• Sustainable workout with Dopper Sports Cap

    Dopper, the company behind the perfect, durable bottle for tap water, is introducing a new cap. The Sports Cap has…

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  • Dopper first water bottle with Cradle to Cradle certificate

    Monday November 17, 2014 – During the first official Cradle to Cradle conference in Germany, in the presence of Cradle…

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  • Dopper is one of the highest scoring Dutch “B Corps” Companies

    Haarlem, August 20, 2014 – Dopper has been officially certified as a “B Corp,” or Benefit Corporation, and now belongs…

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Dopper named ‘Great Place to Work 2018’

Dopper is a ‘Great Place to Work’. Nothing insiders didn’t already know, but now it’s official! Tuesday evening 27 March, Merijn,...

For World Water Day, say no to P.E.T.s

It’s time to reduce our use of P.E.T. (single-use) water bottles, those plastic pests causing so much environmental damage –...

Sebastiaan: w.r.yuma

With his sunglasses, w.r.yuma wants to show that waste is not waste until it's wasted.