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18th of February 2021

Radical Solutions for a thriving world

With talks from:

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29th of October 2020

The responsibility for a better world

With talks from:

  • Tom Domen (BE), Global Head of Long Term Innovation, Ecover
  • Ynzo van Zanten (NL), Chief Choco Evangelist, Tony's Chocolonely
  • Steven Tol (NL), Marketing Manager, Oatly
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20th of May 2020

A circular society to mend the post-Corona planet

With talks from:

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Dopper Deep Dives into radical solutions for a thriving world

How do you think of something that isn’t? Or begin something that’s never been done? As we face a set of global crises, it’s time to think as far outside of the box as we’ve ever done. To think of radical solutions.

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About Dopper Deep Dives

Dopper Deep Dives is a digital talk series with a twist. Designed to both feed inspiration and spark curiosity. During 10-minute rapid talks, a wide variety of speakers takes the stage to share their ideas on building a better future. WIthout having all the answers.

The series exists as a platform to think out loud and out of the box. For creatives, thought leaders, sustainable entrepreneurs and other professionals to put their cards on the table. So, together, we can create a wave of sustainable impact. One conversation at a time.

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