+ how you can help

Look at you, you made it to the end.

Which means you’ve either read our entire report, or you’ve skipped ahead to see how you can help. Either way, karma points for you. As we mentioned at the beginning, these digital pages are meant as a celebration of what the global Dopper community has achieved in 2019. And, as a thank you. We very literally can’t do it without you. (We’re not crying. You’re crying.)

And while 2019 was a year worth celebrating,

we’re already looking ahead to 2020. A year in which we’ll grow our wave of change, one person at a time. Which is where you come in. Imagine if all the current Dopper-owning heroes told one other person about our mission. Convinced them to stop using single-use plastic bottles. Maybe even gifted them a certain reusable one to help things along? (Just a suggestion.) Well, you’re smart enough to do the math.

Other than that,

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