Annual Impact Report 2019

Hi. Welcome to Dopper’s Annual Impact Report. Creative name, huh? We did have some other ideas (there were puns aplenty), but decided that sometimes, you’ve got to call a spade a spade. And this… is not a spade. It’s a report that takes you through the impact of Dopper’s efforts in 2019. So, there you go. Dopper’s Annual Impact Report.

Really, though, it’s not just ours. Every success Dopper celebrated in 2019, was powered by a kick-ass community of changemakers. The ocean-saving heroes who joined our mission.* You know the ones. They’re everywhere. Sipping tasty tap water from their reusable bottle – which happens to be a bottle and cup in one. Mind blown.

The point is, yes, we work our socks off here at Dopper. So we’ll proudly share last year’s progress. But also the credit. Because, no matter how wildly committed our team is, it’s only with the help of our global community that we can truly turn the tide on plastic pollution. Together, we’re creating a wave of change against single-use plastic that’s impossible to ignore.
A wave we’re proud to be part of. (Too soppy? Tough. It’s true. Now, keep reading.)

*For more on this, we kindly direct you to our leadership’s short note below. They’re pretty good at explaining our mission and what our Dutch Design beauty of a bottle has to do with clean (drinking) water.

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Dopper’s mission is to...

empower people to choose reusable over single-use water bottles, to protect our world’s waters. One by one, we are creating a movement of changemakers. To change the system. By offering education, funding research and raising awareness about plastic pollution. And by providing a sustainable alternative to single-use water bottles: a reusable Dopper bottle to drink tap water from. We know access to safe water is key in this scenario. That's why every bottle also kick-starts clean drinking water projects in Nepal.

“Many people don’t realise that the beautiful-looking river next to their home is filled with microplastics. Or what a wonderful thing it is to be able to drink water from the tap. The bottle is the perfect way to spread awareness, because passing on the message through this bottle really resonates with people.”

- Merijn Everaarts – Founder Dopper

"Choosing reusable over single-use water bottles is such an easy way to contribute something. And if we get enough people on board, together we'll put single-use water bottles out of business."

- Virginia Yanquilevich, CEO Dopper