Team Dopper

In the early years, Merijn would grease-paint his face blue to draw attention to the ocean garbage patch. Cheers!


Merijn Everaarts

CEO & Founder

Tjeerd sees opportunities, everywhere and always, in the Netherlands as well as in the USA.

Tjeerd Visser

Business Development Manager

Lenny and her Dopper are like a married couple: wherever you see one, you see the other.

Lenny Houwaart

Marketing Operations Manager

Marieke always wastes her Baywatch moment by emerging from the sea with arms filled with plastic.

Marieke de Ruiter


Yara Pelzer

Marketing Executive Nederland & België

With a Dopper in her hand, Minne runs just that little bit faster.

Minne Staverman

Business Controller

Charlotte often drinks pimped water, she creates wonderful mixed drinks with the water cocktail book.

Charlotte van den Broek

Marketing Executive Germany

Sander believes you can't put a price on a cleaner world. And yet he does.

Sander Dommershuijzen

Administrative Controller

Melissa never goes anywhere without her Dopper! Preferably one with an awesome print .

Melissa George

Sales Executive Print

Janine is eternally homesick for Australian tap water. Luckily, Dutch tap water is a close second. Phew.


Janine de Roller

Purchase & Logistics

Tom's main concern is which came first; the tap or the tapwater.

Tom Kortekaas

Sales Manager Netherlands and Belgium

Mathijs sleeps with a Dopper under his pillow 'cause he likes to dream about water.


Mathijs de Vries

Senior Sales Manager Germany

Evelien looks radiant around the clock. We believe this is caused by her Dopper. Scientific proof still to come.

Evelien Buijs

Service Administrator

Lonneke houdt van frisse wind en leuke mensen. Dus komt ze elke week even aanwaaien.

Lonneke Craemers

Interim Director Dopper Foundation