Dopper Foundation

The Dopper Foundation was founded in 2013. For Dopper, this was the next logical step toward creating a better world. Through the Dopper Foundation we can achieve our mission to increase active awareness regarding the impact of single-use plastic waste, and help provide access to safe drinking water worldwide.


Our responsibility goes beyond our own faucets. The Dopper Foundation works together with local partner Simavi to improve drinking water and sanitation through projects in Nepal, a country in which 11% of the population lacks access to safe drinking water – a statistic Dopper is helping to improve. Read more about the Dopper Foundation’s project, ‘Water in Nepal’

Dopper Water & Waste Academy

Through the Dopper Academy we spread the message about plastic waste and the power of tap water in countries where water is abundant but, unfortunately, plastic is too. We do this via lectures, participation in think tanks and juries, workshops, public events and more. Want to know more? Get in touch!

Funding for the Dopper Foundation

Funding for the Dopper Foundation and its projects comes from three sources:

  • 5% of the net sales of the Dopper
  • Sponsors
  • Donations

Would you like to become a Dopper Foundation sponsor? We’d love to hear from you at