We’re just getting started!

Did you miss the big launch event of our Plastic Bridge? Don’t worry, the party isn’t over! Our bridge has started its tour around New York, raising awareness about plastic pollution and starting a tidal wave of sustainable inspiration wherever it goes!


After a Launch Event to remember for years and years, you might think we’d slow down. Nope. Our Plastic Bridge Project is just getting started! This Summer, the bridge will visit several Schools and Summer Camps to inspire kids to choose a more sustainable lifestyle. These kids will already have heard a thing or two about plastic pollution from a dolphin called Dopper and a rapping panda bear… We’re not kidding. We visited these schools a while ago, together with theatre group Droog Water and their play ‘Wow! The Sea is made of Plastic!’. For our next visit of these schools, we have all sorts of activities planned!


Friday 22 June – The Earth School

‘Mom, there’s a bridge standing in our school yard!’ Yes, our Plastic Bridge will be hard to miss when going to The Earth School on Friday 22 June. There will be all sorts of games to teach kids more about plastic pollution – did someone say ‘quiz’? – and we will give them tips on how to help save our planet.


  • Explore the bridge! There are colorful fish swimming underneath the bridge with sustainable solutions (go fish!) and you can leave your message in one of the bottles.
  • Sign the pledge to say goodbye to single-use plastic water bottles. We’ll hand you a reusable Dopper water bottle to help you get started!
  • Listen to the story ‘Stella & Stinky and the plastic soup’.
  • Challenge your friends to take the quiz about plastic pollution.
  • Fill your glass with delicious water mocktails and raise it to clean water. In every ocean. From every tap!


Saturday 23 June – Plastic Bridge Party at Sure We Can

We couldn’t have built the Plastic Bridge without the help of Sure We Can’s canners. So we’re looking forward to having the bridge return to its roots for a great party! There’s food, artists, inspirational speakers and you can dance the night (or rather: evening) away with Angel Tavarez & Friends! Come listen to the story of Ana de Luco, founder of Sure We Can, and you’ll be amazed how passionate she is about helping people. And of course, our very own Amer Jandali – you might’ve seen him in our Instagram posts – will be there. He’ll hand out autographs if you want him to, but on this occasion, he’ll be our very own storyteller, sharing the tail of how the bridge came to life. Will you join us? The more the merrier!


Monday 25 Juni – PS15

Why change an award winning recipe? Just like our visit at The Earth School, at PS15 there will also be games to teach the kids about plastic pollution and we will hand them tips on how to help save our planet. The program is about the same, beside of one small (BIG!) difference: artist Asher Jay will be hosting an art class! With her help, the kids will upcycle single-use water bottles into beautiful art pieces with their message to the world inside it. Sounds waterful, doesn’t it?


Friday 20 July – YMCA Summer Camp

We can be very short about this event. But we don’t want to be. On Friday 20 July, we are pretty much copy-pasting the program of our visit to PS15, which means: a lot of cool activities! Catching colorful fish with sustainable tips, signing a pledge, listening to a reading from a storybook and of course… an art class with Asher Jay! Looking forward to seaing you there!


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