The Launch of our Plastic Bridge Project!

New York, World Oceans Day, June 8th. The sun was out, but rumor has it, many people brought an umbrella nonetheless when visiting the Times Square district. We didn’t blame them, because they were in our splash zone as we started a tidal wave with the launch of our Plastic Bridge Project!


To raise awareness about the throwaway lifestyle and to inspire people to make a change, Dopper built a Brooklyn Bridge in New York out of thousands of single-use water bottles! On World Ocean’s Day, our bridge, our baby, was unveiled in Times Square district. We couldn’t have wished for a more successful start of our Plastic Bridge Project. We will have to edit out all clicking noises from press taking pictures in our videos. I guess we truly made a splash!



This bridge is an interactive art piece with all sorts of activities. Plastic fishes swimming underneath the bridge feed your inner treehugger sustainable tips, you can leave a personal message in a bottle on the bridge and a pledge wall encourages you to break up with single-use plastic water bottles for good.



Close your mouth

Get ready to have your jaw dropped! We had the most amazing line up for our launch event. There were inspirational speakers, like senator Brad Hoylman, Director of the Mayor’s Office of Sustainability Mark Chambers, Artist and National Geographic Explorer Asher Jay and of course our very own Dopper Founder, Merijn Everaarts. We teamed up with National Geographic (drop that jaw even lower). And to cut the proverbial ribbon, legendary ocean researcher Sylvia Earle came to our party! (dislocate jaw). Apart from the speakers, press (Fox News, Businesswire and many more), there were a lot of people coming by to witness the unveil. Everybody loved catching the fish (kids and adults alike) and it soon became challenging to find a blank spot on our pledge wall! Okay, now you may close your mouth again.




Champaign shower

The Dopper team showered with champaign that day, to celebrate all the hard work from the past year. From arranging the permits for Times Square (sooo stressful), to personally adding bottles to the bridge, to glueing magnets into the mouths of plastic fishes (even our Managing Director showed off her hidden arts & crafts talents).


Iceberg ahead!

And the bridge itself is just the tip of the iceberg! This art piece is part of our global educational program and will be moving (yes, a moving bridge!) around New York this Summer, visiting schools and a summer camp to spread the message about plastic pollution. This educational program brings together all kinds of art forms to inspire the children at these schools, the next generation of changemakers. There is a play called ‘Wow, the Sea is made out of Plastic!’, a storybook about the plastic soup, an art class to upcycle disposable bottles and of course the art piece itself: the bridge you can cross and step into a more sustainable lifestyle!  

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