Street Activation New York

” Can I eat this?” “Awesome! I love it.” “I WANT IT! What is it?”  Those were just a few of the frequently heard quotes from people receiving a Dopper during our very first street activation in New York. 

New York

New York, weeks of preparation finally led us to this city, famously known around the globe as ‘the city that never sleeps’ and beautifully serenaded by Alicia Keyes and Frank Sinatra. In New York we’ve handed out 1400 Dopper bottles for three days in three separate locations, where we identified potential fans to be present. The idea was to find influential people, the hip and early adopting conscious messengers and urban creatives, so that we could hand them a Dopper bottle complete with additional flyer inside. We’re confident that these convincing group leaders will spread the message amongst their friends, family and overall environment. We’re aiming on them to litterally #bethemessenger and become instant ambassadors of the Dopper brand and mission.

United States

The United States have an approximate population of 320 million people and are the largest plastic consumers in the world. The USA are also in the top 3 for being the biggest marine polluter… Clearly we have a responsibility to live up to here, and taking the lifestyle sensitive and design enthusiastic New Yorkers as our main point of entry. Although more water containers are sold, what sets us apart is our focus on design; no other refillable water bottle has the specific designer look or the multifunctional properties of a Dopper. Also the fact that we operate as a social enterprise helps to convince people that buying our bottles is worth consideration.

Looking back on our days in New York we can surely conclude that the United States are an excellent place for us to introduce the Dopper bottle. Definite opportunities are the lifestyle oriented New Yorkers, conscious consumers and transitioning circulair city. Let’s not sleep on this concrete jungle where dreams are made of, start spreading the news that Dopper has arrived!


Our Project – Plastic Bridge

Every 30 seconds 25,000 P.E.T. bottles are purchased in the U.S. alone and they ultimately make their way to our oceans. At Dopper, our dream is crystal clear water from every ocean to every tap. Which is why this year, Dopper Foundation is building bridges to a P.E.T. free world. Starting with a replica of one of the most iconic landmarks in NYC: The Brooklyn Bridge. In collaboration with artist Colin Hendee, the Dopper Foundation is building a bridge made out of P.E.T. bottles, collected by the people of NYC. But our initiative goes further, because we are also creating an educational movement, teaching children about the effects of single-use plastic on our oceans and ourselves.

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