Plastic is no one-night stand

Yes, go on, admit it! Everyone has at some point run the fantasy or daydream of an excitingly hot encounter with a total stranger, someone whom, after the event, luckily you never clap eyes on again. But just imagine: the leading star of that one night of steam unexpectedly and unwelcomely lingers… Suddenly you’re stuck with a seductress who wants a long breakfast with a fertilized egg, or a piece of boy-candy that keeps sticking to you. Single-use plastic is that recurrent nightmare…: it just won’t take the hint and go west after the fun is over.

Plastic waste in numbers

In excess of 300 million tons of plastic is spewed out annually. Try to visualize that: 300,000,000,000 kilos. Raw base materials such as oil and gas are sucked into the production of plastic. Approximately 4% of the planet’s reserve of gas and oil is used to make plastic. Another 3 to 4% of this rapidly diminishing resource is used to power the production process. And up to half of all the plastic made is used only once, then discarded. On average, a plastic bag is used for about fifteen minutes, that’s even less than the average one-night stand. The waste is obvious, not only for the invaluable resources squandered, but also from the point of view of the environment. A high proportion of our plastic ends up as litter and much of this plastic litter – between 5 and 13 million tons of it – finds its way into our seas. There the plastic is broken down into tiny pieces which will remain intact for the next 2000 years. That’s 2000 years of grief for just a few minutes of pleasure; something’s got to be wrong there.

Sustainable living

But just as one-night stands can have a happy ending, we too can leave you on a cheery note. Because, you too can join the fight against the industrial scale pollution that is single use plastic. How? By not treating plastic as some kind of ‘quickie’. Start a sustainable relationship with plastic materials. Take a shopper shopping, slurp your G&T through a reusable straw, carry your lunch in a heroically robust lunchbox and, last but not least: sip your refreshments from a Dopper. How about the new Dopper Steel? But keep in mind… empirical research reveals that this steel Dopper proves a real magnet to the opposite sex. And you know where that can lead if you’re not careful…

You’ve been warned!

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