We’re launching a book!

We will launch a children’s reading book that tells the story about Stella, a girl that goes on an adventure to do something about all the plastics in the ocean.
It is an educative book that is easy to read and where children can learn about plastic pollution in a fun way. Christine Algera wrote the book and Merijn, Dopper’s founder, asked her if she can write an American version and support our plastic bridge project!

We asked Christine some questions:

1. Who is Christine Algera

I am a writer, illustrator and a nature and animal lover (at home, we have two ponies, two goats, four chickens, a rabbit and a cat). I studied biology because I wanted to know everything about life on earth. Later, I worked for Greenpeace, that was was the big dream I had as a girl. And after that, as a freelance copywriter, I wrote for organisations about sustainability. Now, I write stories about sustainable solutions.

2. What is the reason for writing the book?

I love our beautiful planet! And I am really shocked by all the plastic waste we throw away in nature. It hurts me how we treat our beautiful planet earth. Because I really believe in the power of stories to change things, I decided to write a children’s book. It’s about a girl who’s gonna do something about the plastic soup.

3. What do you do in your private life to reduce single use plastics?

  • I take my own shopping bags to the store
  • I take my own bags to the supermarket for fruit and veggies (on my website is photo)
  • My two girls take their own lunch to school in a box and they have a Dopper to take water to school (I work from my home myself)
  • I never buy plastic straws (and my girls don’t like that because they love straws). But luckily, it is also possible to buy reusable or paper straws (yes!)

4. Why did you get involved with the plastic bridge project?

Merijn, the founder of Dopper, read my Dutch book about Stella and Stinky and liked it. He asked me to write an American version, and to involve Dopper in it.

I wanted to cooperate with Dopper, because we basically have the same dream: a clean and plastic free planet. So I wrote an American version of my book, and then I learned about the Plastic Bridge Project! Now, it’s in the book.

5. What do you hope to get out of this project?

I hope many children and their parents read my book and get inspired to use less plastic and to clean their surroundings of plastic stuff. I did that many times with my girls. We went for a walk and picked up a lot of plastic in the parks in our neighbourhood. We always had a lot of fun doing that!

6. What are your dreams for a sustainable future?

My dream is to keep our planet and our oceans clean and healthy.
And my dream is to inspire many people with this story, so we can keep enjoying our beautiful planet.


Do you want to know more about our Plastic Bridge project? Take look at our project website plasticbridge.org

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