From art to impact

Over 8 million tons of plastic waste makes its way to our oceans every year. That sounds like a lot, doesn’t it? So let’s put a stop to plastic pollution! Are you with us? Yes? Good, consider the planet saved! If only it were that simple. But we have a secret weapon which will help us change the world. We are spreading our message on a tidal wave of inspiration!

The edge of reason

How much is 8 million tons anyway? When you read articles about plastic pollution, the numbers are impressive, but remain abstract. You might feel sad for our planet and our friends under the sea, but that’s it for most people. I mean, if people have a hard time trying to quit smoking or sticking to a diet – behavior which effects their own health -, how will you get them to stop using single-use plastic, which doesn’t seem to affect them at all? ‘Emotion drives people,’ says Merijn Everaarts, founder of Dopper Foundation. ‘When you truly want to make an impact and change something in the world, you need people to have an emotional reaction.’ Now don’t start tearing up, an emotional reaction doesn’t mean we want to make you cry over the environment. Better yet: smile, because together we’re going to make a splash!

Lifechoices from a storybook

Remember that movie you couldn’t stop thinking about or reading your favorite storybook over and over again when you were a kid? It touched you, made you think, inspired you. That’s what art does: it will tell you a story on an emotional level, a story that has the power to change your life. Maybe you read ‘Charlotte’s Web’ and became a vegetarian because you wanted to save more pigs from slaughter, maybe you saw ‘Mission Blue’ and decided to become a marine conservationist. Most of you probably didn’t, but at the very least you would’ve felt the utmost respect and awe for our oceans. That’s why Dopper Foundation collaborates with artists all over the world: to spread the message about plastic pollution, to touch people’s lives and inspire them to make one small change: say goodbye to single-use plastic water bottles!

The Plastic Bridge Project, an artistic melting pot

We told you Dopper Foundation was using a tidal wave of inspiration to spread the message. But what does that look like? For a start, imagine a replica of the Brooklyn Bridge, built with thousands of single-use plastic water bottles. That would definitely make an impression, right? “Are we really buying this many disposable bottles?” Yes we are. The Plastic Bridge is exactly that, a plastic art piece, built by Burning Man artist Colin Hendee, to confront us with our throwaway lifestyle. It’s an amazing conversation starter.

Have a look at the Plastic Bridge page here.

This bridge will visit several schools in New York and a summer camp, with all sorts of activities on and around the bridge, like fishing for solutions or writing your own message in a bottle. But to make the bridge’s story life-changing, it doesn’t end there! We are working together with various artists to inspire as many kids as possible to step into a single-use plastic bottle free lifestyle.

Let it get to you

Does music pull your heart strings? Listen to the song ‘Be the messenger’ which singer songwriter Natchie wrote for this project. Are you into arts & crafts? Artist Asher Jay will help you upcycle bottles. Do you want to be entertained? Go see the play ‘Wow! The Sea is made out of Plastic!’ by theatre group Droogwater. Or just read the book called ‘Stella & Stinky and the plastic soup’. All these art forms combined make up our Plastic Bridge Project. Consider the planet saved? Not just yet. But all this art will definitely make an impact!

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