Six worldwide food and drink trends for 2017


Global market research agency Mintel took a long hard gaze into its crystal ball and spotted the six food and drink trends for 2017. Now that we’re well into March it’s impossible to deny that 2017 is here to stay. Of course already-forgotten resolutions aren’t the only new things to expect in the early months of the year. Take a look at these emerging trends from the world of food and beverages to really get you started!

Food Trends

Here’s a question that will never get old: will quinoa remain at the top of everyone’s to-eat list this year, hipsters and average folks alike? It’s highly likely that it will. The Mintel trends predict that we’ll lean deeply into healthy, plant-based foods in 2017. That means we’ll be opting for vegetables, recipes, and culinary traditions from the past. We all want to eat food we can recognize! You can also expect to see more and more vegetarian and vegan options hitting mainstream retail stores as we become ever more aware of the immense impact of animal products on our bodies and the environment.

Drink trends

Our daily soy lattes and cups of ginger tea aren’t going anywhere in 2017, because even in beverage trends one main motto stands out: “Power to plants!”. Mintel anticipates the unrelenting popularity of fruit smoothies and vegetable juices, and continued growth for their juice bar habitats. It’s highly likely that your usual assortment of teas will come to incorporate soothing lavender and chamomile, since there’s no denying that your personal and professional calendar will be as packed as ever in 2017.

Sustainable food trends

Retailers, restaurants, and consumers will surely recognize that 2017 needs to offer antidotes to the culture of large-scale food waste in the western world. We’ll be seeing more products made from discarded or surplus ingredients, like the already apparent trend of “ugly” fruit and vegetables in the produce aisles. Along the same lines, sustainable restaurants like Uncommon Ground and food apps like Copia (surplus food donations) and BuffetGo (end of day restaurant food at reduced prices) will surely promote sustainability and encourage more people to reduce food waste.

Drink in style

If it wasn’t clear by now, pop tarts and pizza pockets should book their tickets back to 1987, because 2017 is all about healthy choices. Of course any healthy diet calls for drinking lots of water, especially good old-fashioned tap water whenever it’s available to you. It really is the most natural, affordable, and sustainable option to stay hydrated. And if you care at all about sipping in style in 2017, you’ll be drinking your tap water on the go from your favourite durable Dopper water bottle.

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