Sleepless in New York – getting ready to unveil our bridge!

This Friday, OMG THIS FRIDAY, is the most important day of 2018! It’s World Oceans Day. But that’s just partially what we are talking about. June 8th we are finally unveiling our Plastic Bridge in New York! And it’s going to be legen- wait for it… eh, WATERFUL! No way we’re getting any sleep these days. We are bouncing around our rooms, occasionally screaming out because we just can’t handle the excitement! Want to know what all the fuss is about? Read on and we’ll tell you what’s happening.

On your marks! Ready? Cross the bridge!

We finished our replica of the Brooklyn Bridge, using thousands of single-use plastic water bottles. It is now in New York, still covered up, ready to be crossed! And this Friday, we are teaming up with National Geographic Encounter: Ocean Odyssey for the big reveal. This bridge will definitely make a splash with an immersive launch event. Want to join? Sign up for the event and jump in!

Note to self: don’t forget the scissors

In all excitement we’re bound to forget the scissors to cut the ribbon, because the bridge will be unveiled not only by Dopper Foundation’s founder Merijn Everaarts, but also by our personal hero Sylvia Earle! And she is just one of the amazing people who are joining us for this event. Our list of special guests is pretty impressive, if we may say so:

  • Merijn Everaarts – Founder of the Dopper Foundation
  • Sylvia Earle – Legendary Ocean Researcher
  • Brad Hoylman – New York State Senator
  • Mark Chambers – Director at the NYC Mayor’s Office of Sustainability
  • Lisa Truitt Chief Creative Officer and Managing Partner at SPE Partners, the firm which oversaw the creation of Ocean Odyssey for National Geographic.
  • Asher Jay – artist behind the ‘Message in a bottle’ exhibition at the National Geographic Encounter.


Let’s save the planet, shall we?

Measuring 30 x 11 feet, you can, of course, cross the bridge and take in the massive amount of bottles that are used to build it with. Close your eyes, imagine that you are standing on the actual Brooklyn Bridge made out of single-use water bottles, and realize that this is the amount of single-use bottles that is being purchased every minute worldwide! Gulp. Now open your eyes and smile. Because you can actually make a change! At the Launch Event, there are several fun activities which will guide you to a sustainable way of life!

Go fish!

Underneath the bridge, you’ll see some colorful fish, making their way up the plastic stream. Forgot your fishing gear? We’ve got you covered! We’ll hand you a fishing pole so you can catch the slippery creatures. These sustainable fish are made out of recycled single-use water bottles, and they will provide you with tips for a more sustainable lifestyle. Some even have a waterful surprise for you. Not the fishing type? Take a piece of paper and write down your wish for our oceans instead. Then leave your message in one of the bottles (cue The Police, ‘Sending out an S-O-S!’).

Bye bye bottles!

When you’ve crossed the bridge, having seen all these plastic bottles and reading about plastic pollution, you will probably feel an uncontrollable urge to make a change. Say goodbye to single-use plastic water bottles for good and sign our pledge! The first 500 people to sign, will receive a sustainable Dopper bottle to help them get started with their disposable bottle free life. There will even be a water mocktail bar, so you can fill your Dopper with a delicious drink! And you’re bound to feel thirsty. It’s like when you hear the water running and you need to pee. When you see this many bottles, you need to rehydrate! Don’t worry, we got you covered.

Can’t make it?

Got struck by the flu or are you on vacation, or – we sincerely hope not – both? The Plastic Bridge can come to you! We will live stream the Launch Event on Facebook! We will share the link on the USA Facebook page. So you can follow the big reveal from your bed / Hawaii or any other location!

Bridge on the move

After the Launch Event,will start to spread its message beyond the Times Square district. It will be travelling around the US, visiting several schools, a summer camp and recycle center Sure We Can. This last location will be open for the public, so if you missed the big reveal, you can still see this art piece in action! Make sure to check our social feed to see where and when you can visit.

The fellowship of the bridge consists of Asher Jay, who will be hosting art classes, theatre group Droogwater which will perform the play ‘Wow, the Sea is made out of Plastic!’ and a storybook titled ‘Stella & Stinky and the plastic soup’. These art forms are a source of inspiration for thousands of kids who will cross the bridge this Summer and hopefully step into a future free of single-use plastics!

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