Every minute, more than 1 million single-use water bottles are purchased worldwide. To paint you a picture: that’s the amount that would be needed to build the Brooklyn Bridge out of plastic bottles! And many of these bottles will end up in our oceans. It’s time to turn the tide on plastic pollution! But how? For a start, Dopper Foundation went to New York and built a replica of the Brooklyn Bridge out of thousands of single-use water bottles. Now people can see for themselves how much single-use plastic we actually use: the bottles on this bridge equal the amount that is being purchased every quarter second worldwide!

The reveal of this plastic bridge kicked off our Plastic Bridge Project, an educational tour of primary schools which brings together visual artists, singers, writers and actors to inspire children, the next generation of changemakers, to step into a future free of single-use plastic.

Watch the video to see how we launched our Plastic Bridge!

*Source: Euromonitor.com

How we Launched our Plastic Bridge Project


New York, World Oceans Day, June 8th. The sun was out, but rumor has it, many people brought an umbrella nonetheless when visiting the Times Square district. We didn’t blame them, because they were in our splash zone as we launched our Plastic Bridge Project!

Read more about this legendary event here

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We are collaborating with a lot of people to carry our message even further. We are moving around New York to reach as many people as possible and the Plastic Bridge will also visit different primary school to educate the kids on the plastic problem. We are really making a splash! These are the people who jumped in with us:

Colin Hendee, Burning Man artist, is building our plastic bridge out of thousands of single-use plastic bottles.
Read his story here


Asher Jay, an artist who currently has an exhibition in the National Geographic Encounter in New York, has added some of her art pieces to our bridge: upcycled plastic bottles.
Read her story here


Natchie (Nadia Ackerman), singer, songwriter and artist, created the design for the ‘Brooklyn Bridge Dopper’ and wrote a song to go with it, called ‘Be the messenger’.
Read her story here


Christine Algera wrote a book about the plastic soup to educate kids about the plastic problem. In her book ‘Stella & Stinky and the plastic soup’, a girl goes on an adventure to do something about all the plastics in the ocean. This book will be read to the kids and handed out whenever the Plastic Bridge stops at a primary school. Read more about her here


Droogwater, a theatre group made up of Rhodé and Angelie, is performing the play ‘Wow! The Sea is made out of plastic!’ at different primary schools in the US. These two girls will follow the Plastic Bridge to several primary schools as well.


Do you ever lie awake at night, thinking about how to save the world? You won't have to worry about that after today, because there is a possibility for you to participate on the international P.E.T. FREE movement of the Dopper Foundation.

Therefore, I challenge you to join our P.E.T. FREE movement. It's easy - all you have to do is ban PET-bottles from your life and start drinking tap water instead. Use anything you like - you can drink water from something as simple as a glass, from a mug, an empty sausage can, or if you want to – and only if - you can order a Dopper so you can save the world in style.


Stop using single-use P.E.T. bottles and sign the pledge to help reduce the plastics in our oceans.




This Bridge Dopper is a special edition design for the Plastic Bridge project, designed by artist Natchie. With this Dopper, you can start to turn the tide on plastic pollution in our oceans!