Plastic Bridge

We went a bridge too far by polluting the planet in the past, now it’s time to build a bridge to a sustainable future.

About the artist:

Meet Merijn Everaarts, founder of Dopper and the Dopper Foundation. Back in 2010, he started a movement to inspire people to turn the tide on plastic pollution. By offering a reusable water bottle and executing awareness projects, Merijn wants to reduce single-use plastic waste and to promote the use of (filtered) tap water. On World Ocean Day in 2016, he attracted international attention with a 40 ft tall Plastic Madonna in Rio de Janeiro; an artwork of a mother breastfeeding her child made completely out of P.E.T. water bottles.

Now Merijn is embarking on his next awareness-raising adventure: The Plastic Bridge. This bridge will stand next to the East River in New York City and will be constructed out of 50.000 single-use plastic water bottles. Yup, that’s four zeros folks!



Background of the project
How on earth can you make a bridge out of 50.000 P.E.T. water bottles, you may wander. Unfortunately, way too easily, because this is the number of single-use bottles that is used in the USA every minute. Only 23% of this huge amount will be recycled. Much of this plastic eventually ends up in the sea and on the menu of hungry sea animals and birds. Every year an average of 8 million metric tons of plastic is dumped into our oceans where it creates the so called ‘plastic soup’. P.E.T. water bottles are part of the grand polluting total. Time to burn this bridge behind us and to start living a sustainable future.


The Plastic Bridge
From May to June 2017, New Yorkers can ‘take the bridge to a sustainable future’ and pledge not to use single-use plastic water bottles ever again. They can have their picture taken on the bridge, with Manhattan as a backdrop while they fish for P.E.T. bottles in the East River. These catches of the day contain a ‘message in the bottle’ addressing both a global challenge and the solution for it.



How you can help
Of course we can only build a sustainable future if you want to be part of it. That’s why we want to invite you to roll up your sleeves and to build this bridge together. Here’s how you can help:

  • Collecting bottles: we’re looking for work spaces, schools and retailers to collect P.E.T. water bottles. We will provide special awareness-raising bins, dressed for the occasion.
  • 99 problems… and the answers: We’d like to inspire people by focusing on the solutions rather than the problems. That’s why we need small solutions for today’s great challenges. Do you have an idea, a cool brand or just a genius thought; send ‘em in!
  • Ambassadors: as an ambassador you’ll help us to broadcast our message to schools and work spaces.

This all sounds swell, but of course you’d like to know what’s in it for you. Well, quite a lot! Because joining our movement means having a great time while working to make a better world. Not to mention all the karma points you will earn as a Dopper ambassador.


Page ambassadors
Warning: You’re about take the plunge and join the Dopper adventure… Join our global movement of ambassadors. Because volunteering for Dopper means having a great time while working to make a better world. Not to mention all the karma points you will earn as an ambassador.


Who are we looking for?
Well, anything and anyone with a heartbeat and a passion for making the world a better place. But we would love it if you are a pro-active, fun, responsible and creative human being.


Register as an ambassador by filling out this form.


Collecting bottles
Of course, we need P.E.T. water bottles to build our Plastic Bridge. 50.000 to be exact. That’s why we’re calling upon all the schools, work spaces and retail shops in NYC to sign up as collecting points. Of course, we’ll provide customized bins that raise awareness for the project. Please sign up by leaving your details in the form below.