Watercocktail book Must have!

Water Cocktail book by Dopper and The Fabulous Shakerboys. This summer, Dopper and the Fabulous Shakerboys bring you the Water Cocktail Book. A pocket-sized recipe book containing water cocktails that will make your mouth water.

Dopper and The Fabulous Shakerboys have literally joined forces to create the Watercocktail Book. Dopper contributed its passion for water, The Fabulous Shakerboys contributed their expertise with regard to all things cocktail. These gentlemen enjoy international fame as bartenders at big events, from Cannes, France to Mexico. At the request of Dopper, they turned their minds to something else: tap water.


Let the Mango Tango dance across your taste buds, cleanse your body with the refreshing Cheery Cucumber, or feel like royalty with the Royal Orange Ice Tea fit for a king. Water makes these cocktails refreshing, light, and low in calories. And because surely, it’s always five o’clock somewhere, a few recipes come with tips for an alcoholic twist. All cocktails can be prepared and kept in your Dopper, so you can enjoy them all through the day, every day.

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