Surf the plastic wave

At festivals, surf a four-meter high Plastic Wave made from 5,000 rejected plastic bottles and you and your friends can send an SOS to the world: reduce plastic waste!  

Dopper’s plastic wave looks cool, but that’s not all it does. By jumping on the surfboard and taking a photo to share online, you spread a message in support of clean oceans. Because well, let’s face it: we don’t actually want to be able to make a wave out of disposable plastic bottles!

5,000 bottles every 15 minutes

Did you know that in Netherlands alone, we dispose of 5,000 plastic bottles every 15 minutes? That comes down to four of these waves every hour, and part of that plastic litter ends up in our oceans. #dislike

Dopper Plastic Wave surfers op een festival

Join: festivals throughout the Netherlands

The plastic wave comes to festivals such as Bevrijdingspop, DGTL, Battle of the Coast and Surfana, but also to the Dutch Design Week. Check the agenda for upcoming events where you a can take a ride. #bethemessenger!

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