Meet Dopper x Unrobe – A stylish statement for sustainability

We wouldn’t touch battery eggs with a bargepole, and we’d sooner our hamburgers were organic. If possible, with the farmer’s (and preferably even the cow’s) name on the packaging. Transparent. Honest. Good for the environment, and for your karma. Why isn’t it the same with clothing? Globally, the clothing industry is one of the worst pollution culprits, yet sustainability doesn’t appear to get a look in. But that doesn’t stop us. This summer, together with Unrobe, we’ll be making a fashion statement.

Unrobe is a new, Amsterdam-based clothing brand with a mission: to shake up the clothing industry and make it more transparent, sustainable, and affordable. Without a jute sack to wear in sight. Unrobe is bang-on trend, but sustainable nonetheless. Good working conditions, organic cotton, chemical and pesticide-free, and minimum water wastage. Dopper knows all about dovetailing design and sustainability. Maybe it was the summer vibes, or the mojitos, but a summer romance quickly blossomed once we’d met. We decided to promote a sustainable lifestyle and to literally don our mission with a couple of limited edition pieces. Dopper x Unrobe: made for each other!

Our pride and joy

Two t-shirts, one sweater, and of course, zero shit. That’s mouth-watering enough, but the Dopper x Unrobe design really clinches the need for a bib: there’s no doubt our clothing makes you stand taller; chest out, displaying the Dopper-wave, showing you strive for clean oceans! Who else is onboard?

‘At first glance the t-shirts look like any other, but the design is packed with little conversational gems. The wave on the front, a probing question on the back, even the QR code on the wash label gives you more than enough to talk about!’, says Lenny Houwaart, International Marketing Manager at Dopper.

We just couldn’t turn down the opportunity to work on a unique product, to make a bigger impact with a fantastic brand. So, will we now see Dopper lunch boxes and toilet seats? That’s a no. Even though our clothing items are Kardashian-worthy, we won’t be booking a catwalk in Milan just yet. Do you fancy being the first to take a look at our limited edition – one time only – clothing? This is your chance. Got our webshop:



Contributing towards cleaner oceans  

Whether you’re part of a beach clean-up or you’re sitting at home on the sofa, with this sustainable t-shirt you’ll be supporting Dopper’s mission wherever you are, 24/7. Not just by wearing the t-shirt, but also by buying it: Dopper will donate 5% of the net turnover to the Dopper Foundation. This means – just as with every Dopper – your t-shirt will contribute to clean drinking water projects in Nepal, and to initiatives across the globe that tackle plastic pollution.



‘Do you work for Dopper?’

As the design is so closely interlinked with Dopper’s mission, we’ve adopted the t-shirts as the Dopper “uniform”. If you happen to spot one of these distinctive wave t-shirts at a trade show, Dopper event or near to our Haarlem office, you’ve most likely come across a fellow Dopper workmate! But, of course, there are plenty of Dopper fans who’d also like to make a statement with these items of clothing. Just come up to the person wearing the shirt, and you’ll soon see. We’re always up for a chat.

A bag with a sustainable tag

New sustainable t-shirts cannot be introduced to the market wrapped in plastic, of course! Have you ordered a t-shirt from the web shop? We’ll pop it into a cardboard box made from recycled material or FSC labelled cardboard. To congratulate each buyer on their fashion statement from the bottom of our hearts, we will also add a handwritten, growingpaper note. Those coming to the Dopper x Unrobe big reveal on 26 July will be given a Fairtrade printed bag to take their t-shirt home in, made from organic cotton, naturally. The t-shirt’s will be available in the webshop soon, so stay tuned! 

About Unrobe

‘Dressing people by undressing the industry’: the mission of this original sustainable clothing brand. With Unrobe, Koen Warmerdam and Daan Ubachs are looking to make the fashion industry more transparent, and to produce at more honest prices. The designs are made in Italy and Portugal under good working conditions, and using sustainable materials only, such as organic cotton. The brand couldn’t be more transparent. Each item has a QR code that gives the purchaser information about the factory and the makers; showing exactly who has made the product, and where. They have nothing to hide. Moreover, the brand’s pricing is stripped right back. The cost price and margin is given per item. By adopting the direct to consumer model, on average, the brand is 50% cheaper than traditional brands, without detracting from quality. But the brand wants to go a step farther. The website will show a timeline, depicting the entire process the items undergo. Besides online and pop-up stores, the distribution channel is set to expand with a flagship store at No. 41, Haarlemmerdijk in Amsterdam. The opening will be in September 2018.

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