New! Dopper Sport Cap

At Dopper we want to stay healthy and in shape! That’s why we’ve created the Sport Cap with a flexible nozzle, making it easy to drink while working out. The Sport Cap kills two birds with one stone: working out becomes just a little more attractive, and by buying a Dopper, you help protect the environment and provide drinking water to people who desperately need it. Cheers!

Designer Rinke van Remortel has succeeded in providing the perfect sport nozzle. “First and foremost, my designs focus on functionality, and then I work from there,” explains Van Remortel. “However, appearance matters too – I am a designer after all!”

The Sport Cap is shaped like the Dopper signature cap that makes the bottle so recognizable. However, its design uses a flexible material that can be folded back, allowing for easy access to the nozzle cap. Dopper wants to raise consciousness with regard to the impact of single-use plastic waste, which is why the new cap can be used on your current Dopper. So no extra bottles in your cupboards – all you need is an additional cap to get a new use out of your Dopper.

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