Nepal Earthquake

On 25 April 2015 at 11:41, Nepal was hit by an earthquake that literally shook the country to its very foundations. The quake measuring 7.8 on the Richter scale – and the many aftershocks and earthquakes that followed – claimed the lives of approximately 9000 people. Tens of thousands of people were injured and half a million homes were destroyed.

The Dopper Shopper

Now – six months on – the Nepal earthquake no longer makes headlines, but residents are still confronted with the consequences on a daily basis. Aftershocks and floods are pushing up the number of victims, thousands of Nepalese are homeless and food and water are difficult to access due to the destruction of roads and shops. At Dopper, we believe in structural solutions. Emergency aid provides short-term relief, but effective recovery calls for sustainable solutions. Solutions that can withstand future disasters. For this reason we have launched the Dopper Shopper on 24 November, a designer bag of which the entire net sales revenue will go to Dopper projects in Nepal.

What do we hope to achieve?

We want to use the proceeds of the Dopper Shopper to repair the damage caused by the earthquake in Manbu and Lapu (Ghorka district). In these communities, 219 and 446 households, respectively, lost their homes, and schools and healthcare clinics were damaged. In addition, toilet blocks collapsed and water supply systems have been contaminated. That is life threatening. The lack of water and sanitation facilities is putting the residents of Manbu and Lapu at risk of diseases, such as cholera and salmonella, which are spread through contaminated water. For this reason we want to rebuild these facilities more effectively – building back better – to ensure that they can withstand future earthquakes. By building 50 new wells, advising on maintaining these wells and improving the sanitation facilities of 250 households, we ultimately hope to provide 1350 people with access to water, sanitation and better hygiene with the proceeds of the Dopper Shopper.

We go way back!

From the moment the first Doppers flew across the counter, Dopper has been working with Simavi and its local partner NEWAH on water and sanitation projects in Nepal, specifically in the Gorkha and Baglung districts (and previously, Rupandehi). With funding from the Dopper Foundation 18 water supply systems were installed, 473 water points were installed and 2674 toilet facilities were built. In this way, we provided a total of 11889 people with access to clean drinking water, 19922 people with access to clean toilets, and we provided health advice about the importance of clean drinking water, toilet etiquette and hygiene to 33487 Nepalese citizens. We do more than simply supply goods, we also provide advice about their safe use. This enables the Nepalese themselves to be catalysts for change. 


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