Hello Yellow

At Dopper, we are preparing for a new addition to the family! Not the kind that means we need to acquire a large station wagon or give up the man cave, but one that makes us very happy: a new color. Hello Yellow is the name of our newest prodigy!

Hello, Hello Yellow

The inspiration for this new color came from trend watchers whose crystal ball predicted that yellow would be the ultimate fashion color this spring. And the notion is not too far-fetched, because yellow is the optimistic color of the sun, of gold, lemons, bath ducks, final warnings and the NS rail network!  In addition, Yellow, alongside Deep Purple, graced the winning line-up this summer when it came second in the DopperColorClash.

Bye, Royal Orange

Hello Yellow will join Dopper Cool Blue, Simply Red, Apple Green, Pure White and Deep Purple. To make place for the newcomer, Royal Orange will make an exit – much like our national football team. So if you still want to express your national pride with this royal color, you need to hurry, because once they’re gone – they’re gone!

The Dopper Hello Yellow is now available in our webshop or at Dopper sales points!

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