Instructions for use

Just like your BFFs your Dopper sometimes needs some TLC. Here’s how can achieve a happily ever after with your favorite water bottle.

Instructions for use

  • Hooray! You have a new Dopper, or you found your old Dopper somewhere at the bottom of your bag amongst the cookie crumbs. Naturally you want to drink from it straight away. But hold on, stop: first rinse the Dopper with warm water (no hotter than 65 degrees).
  • Just like you, the Dopper cannot withstand temperatures below -10 and above 65 degrees.
  • We can hardly imagine it, but are you not using your Dopper for a while? Store it without the cup and cap on, because bacteria are crazy about closed spaces, but you are probably not crazy about bacteria.
  • Avoid a pool paradise in your bag: ensure the screw threads of the cup are thoroughly dry once you have filled the Dopper with water, or fill the Dopper via the small opening at the top.
  •  Dopper is a sustainable water bottle, made to promote the drinking of tap water. Do you drink sodas, fruit juice and wine like water? Then do not use your Dopper for this. Because drinks other than water can damage the Dopper (permanently), use of the Dopper for these drinks is at your own risk.


  • The Dopper is a product of this century and is dishwasher safe (note: up to 65 degrees). Place all parts in the dishwasher separately, but not too close to the saucepan with disintegrating pasta sauce and other crockery that is not rinsed thoroughly, because that might cause discolouration of the Dopper. It is preferable to put the cap in the cutlery tray, that way it remains secure.
  • Attention: the Dopper Steel may be hot after it has been washed in the dishwasher and/or warm dish water.
  • Do not use abrasives, solvents, or bleaching agents and/or other chemical cleaning agents to wash your Dopper. These may leave a chemical taste in the Dopper, blegh.
  • Do you want to tackle odours and aftertaste in your Dopper with everything you’ve got? Then soak the Dopper in (baking) soda and rinse it with (organic) vinegar.
  • Never boil the Dopper, when exposed to temperatures above 65 degrees, the Dopper may distort, or even worse: leak.
  • Does your Dopper smell like your’ granny’s attic? Fill the bottle (the coloured base) with hot water and leave to stand for at least 30 minutes.

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