Dopper Game Changer of 2015

Yeehaa, Dopper came second in the race for the title of 2015 Game Changer of the YearManagement Team awards this title annually to companies that change ‘the game rules’ within a particular sector for good. Dopper is a Game Changer in the business of which we are also a thorn in the side: the water bottle industry.

Changing the game rules

Unlike established brands such as Coca-Cola and Nestlé, Dopper does not seek to sell as many new water bottles as possible for profit. Rather, we want to encourage consumers to buy less single-use bottles by refilling bottles with tap water. We hope to reduce the large volume of single-use plastic waste in this way. We have already made great strides in this respect. We saved an estimated 45 million single-use water bottles through the sales of three million Doppers in 2015! In addition, we are engaged in discussions with different supermarket chains regarding the banning of bottles of mineral water from shelves, because tap water in the Netherlands is of excellent drinking quality and far more environmentally friendly besides.

Game Changers award

Every year, Management Team selects fifty businesses they believe to be Game Changers. That could be for different reasons; from innovative service (think: 2theloo) to brand experience (CoolBlue). The only condition is that the Game Changer must demonstrate a growth curve. Out of fifty entries, the ten best candidates are selected for the semi-final, where they have an opportunity to pitch. Merijn did this – like a true Game Changer – in an unorthodox way: via Skype connection from Berlin where he was busy promoting our mission at the time. During the nail-biting finale that followed, Dopper battled against four competitors: Bynder, Eyelove glasses, Fairzekering and Mimetas. We are incredibly proud to have come second and we regard this as extra encouragement to keep breaking the rules. Because we may by now be world famous in the Netherlands, but it is high time we became world famous across the whole world. A wonderful New Years’ resolution for Dopper.

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