Donations of the Dopper Foundation

Each year on World Water Day, Dopper spends money like water. Not on various ill-considered purchases, but on charities! Merijn Everaarts (founder and owner of Dopper B.V.) almost matched the ever generous, recently retired talk show host Oprah Winfrey with his generous distribution of cheques today: ‘you get a cheque, you get a cheque, everybody gets a cheque!’ Almost, that is. Here are the ones who struck it rich.


Simavi was given a check with a whole lot of digits, and fortunately, most of those digits were before the decimal point. The amount donated to them from 2015 is a whopping €165,379.92. Simavi’s Harma Smit almost had a fit when she saw the cheque: “What?! That’s an increase of 50% compared to 2014! That’s amazing! What a wonderful result for the residents of Gorkha and Baglung, the areas in which we are operating together.” Gorkha and Baglung are two districts in Nepal where Dopper supports the clean drinking water and sanitation projects of Simavi and their local partner NEWAH. We use 2.5% of the Dutch net turnover to do so. Click here to read more about the Nepal projects.

Water Aid

In the United States, Pablo Torres Aquilera (our USA Country Manager) got to do the honours of presenting a Dopper check to Water Aid. This organisation also supports clean drinking water projects in Nepal, but also provides education in the US on the water and sanitation problems in third world countries. Water Aid received an amount of €11,744.47. This is 2.5% of the foreign net turnover. Click here to read more about Water Aid.

Dopper Foundation

Today, Dopper also donated €177,124.39 to the Dopper Foundation! This Foundation – represented by board member Rutger Prent during the handing over of the cheque – acts as a facilitator for educational projects on water and waste under the name ‘Dopper Academy’. Examples include the guest lectures Dopper offers free of charge to Dutch elementary schools, in cooperation with the Plastic Soup Foundation. The total amount of €177,124.39 is drawn from 2.5% of 2015’s total net turnover. 

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