Dopper Deep Purple

The Dopper Original is available in a brand new color: Deep Purple. Deep Purple is the undisputed winner of a red-hot competition: the DopperColorClash!

‘Help us choose the new Dopper color’ – in early May, this appeal on Dopper’s Facebook page marked the start of a bloodcurdling competition: the DopperColorClash. En masse, Dopper’s Facebook followers suggested colors they felt deserved a place in the ring, and from those suggestions, four semi-finalists were selected: Purple, Lilac, Mint and Yellow. Purple – equipped with a great left hook and an ever better right swing – took out its opponents in the semis and in the final and wiped the floor with them. With a stunning total of 3,800 likes, Deep Purple took the DopperColorClash crown with flying colors!

On behalf of Purple: Thank you for voting! The opponents seemed shaken by their loss, but were genial enough to congratulate the winner. After the match, the colors even went and showered together, in order to save water.

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