Here you will find things that make us happy and that want to share with you: The latest news, events and projects.

Sebastiaan: w.r.yuma

With his sunglasses, w.r.yuma wants to show that waste is not waste until it’s wasted.

How big is your ecological footprint?

Is your environmental footprint a David or a Goliath?

Eco-friendly clothing and fashion

Expand your wardrobe with a clear conscience!

Six worldwide food and drink trends for 2017

Take a look at these emerging trends from the world of food and beverages to really get you started!

Instructions for use

Here’s how can achieve a happily ever after with your Dopper!

New York City Interview with Dopper Founder

Merijn Everaarts moved to New York in order to introduce Dopper oversea. Time to look back on the past year! Read the interview now!

Dopper Steel

It took nerves of steel, but the moment is finally upon us: the return of the Dopper Steel. Our Man of Steel is now even stronger and tougher than before, while retaining its original character.

Plastic is no one-night stand

What does plastic have in common with that persistent one-night stand? Read it here!

Plastic Madonna Brazil

On World Ocean Day the Plastic Madonna will be unveiled on Botafogo beach!

Donation to water projects in Nepal

On World Water Day, Merijn Everaarts announced the sum that Dopper is donating to the water projects in Nepal this year.

Donations of the Dopper Foundation

Each year on World Water Day, Dopper spends money like water. Not on various ill-considered purchases,...

Cleaning tips for your Dopper

To prevent your Dopper from becoming a microorganisms’ playground, here is a brief course on how to clean your Dopper!

Celebrate the Changemakers 2016

Dopper and dutch would love to invite you for Celebrate the Changemakers 2016!

Dopper Bridges Borders – Sumatra

Leslie and Iris travel the world to discover how other countries deal with water&waste. This month: Sumatra!

Water Cocktail Book – Flashy Flamingo

The new Water Cocktail Book by Dopper and The Fabulous Shakerboys brings spring to life!

Dopper Bridges Borders – Taiwan

Leslie and Iris travel the world to discover how other countries deal with water&waste.

Hello Yellow

As of 21 January, the Dopper Original will be available in a new color: Hello Yellow.

Dopper Bridges Borders – Japan

Leslie and Iris travel around the world to discover how other countries deal with water&waste.

Dopper Game Changer of 2015

Yeehaa, Dopper came second in the race for the title of 2015 Game Changer of the Year!

Nepal Earthquake

On 25 April 2015 Nepal was hit by an earthquake. We want to use the proceeds of the Dopper Shopper to repair the damage caused by this earthquake.

Dopper Shopper supports Nepal

The Dopper Shopper does more than hold your latest purchases, it contributes to rebuilding Nepal.

Dopper Bridges Borders – Mongolia

Leslie and Iris travel around the world to discover how other countries deal with water&waste.

Blog Anne-Marie Reichman

Dopper ambassador Anne-Marie Reichman joined a beach clean-up in California.

Blog Dopper ambassador Brazil

Ellen is our ambassador in Brazil. In her blog she gives you a monthly update about her observations and experiences.

Dopper Deep Purple

The Dopper Original is available in a brand new color: Deep Purple.

Watercocktail book Must have!

Water Cocktail book by Dopper and The Fabulous Shakerboys. This summer, Dopper and the Fabulous Shakerboys...

Blog by ambassador Anne-Marie Reichman

Annemarie’s thoughts on riding cleaner waves with Dopper.

Best for the world 2015

Dopper Honored as ‘Best for Community’,
Creating Most Overall Positive Community Impact

New! Dopper Sport Cap

At Dopper we want to stay healthy and in shape! That’s why we’ve created the Sport Cap with a flexible nozzle, making it easy to drink while working out.

Cradle to Cradle

The Cradle to Cradle certification confirms that the Dopper Original is the first responsibly and sustainably produced water bottle, which also contributes to the welfare of people and the environment.

Documentary: In search of the safe source

In December 2013, Merijn Everaarts paid an unforgettable working visit to Nepal.

Surf the plastic wave

Dopper’s plastic wave looks cool, but that’s not all it does.

Water in Nepal

When you buy a Dopper or donate to the Dopper Foundation, you directly support the people of Nepal because Dopper, together with Simavi and its local partner NEWAH, (Nepal Water for Health) supports projects involving the installation of safe drinking water systems and toilets.

The Ocean Cleanup

The world needs more impact pioneers. Boyan Slat and The Ocean Cleanup.