Watercocktail book (NL)


Watercocktail book (NL)

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Like life, water can sometimes use a little oomph; some sugar and spice. To satisfy this sentiment Dopper has published the first ever Water Cocktail booklet: a pocket size recipe booklet with fifteen mouth watering water cocktails. The publication is a coproduction between Dopper and The Fabulous Shakerboys. These gentlemen are the juggling and shooggling all-stars of the international cocktail party circuit, from Cannes to Mexico.

Let the Mango Tango dance across your taste buds, cleanse your body with the refreshing Cheery Cucumber, or feel like royalty with the Royal Orange Ice Tea fit for a king. Water makes these cocktails refreshing, light, and low in calories. And because surely, it’s always five o’clock somewhere, a few recipes come with tips for an alcoholic twist. All cocktails can be prepared and kept in your Dopper, so you can enjoy them all through the day, every day.

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Always open to innovative ideas and up for a bout of flexible experimentation, The Fabulous Shakerboys put alcohol aside for a moment. With some out-of-the-box thinking on their part, they went to work with the ingredient most people have access to: fresh tap water. Water is a perfect basic ingredient for cocktails. This first base and natural thirst quencher makes any drink crisp, light and low in the calorie department. And, as the Water Cocktails booklet’s many versatile recipes prove, once rolling the ideas can be endless: fresh fruit, natural herbs and aromatic syrups. Keep this booklet close to hand if you get unexpected guests. Perfect as a surprise gift and absolutely ideal for putting a hoot into great aunt Gertrude’s divorce party.

Or how about Royal Orange Ice Tea; a subtle infusion of water, oranges, honey and cloves. Or Granny’s Green Apple Pie; water with the nostalgic taste and aroma of Grandma’s apple pie. Cocktail classics including Mai Tai or the Pretty Pink Paloma are given an aqua make-over in this mini handbook. And for those angling for just a touch of something to cope with the temperance message, some of the cocktail recipes feature a twist of the hard stuff. All cocktails can be prepared and kept in the Dopper, allowing you to enjoy a delicious refreshment at any moment of the day, every day.

The first Water Cocktails booklet just made us yearn for more, so we’ve created the most sensational follow-up imaginable: Water Cocktails booklet – Flashy Flamingo.

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